Are Maisie Williams Bangs At The 2016 Emmys Real? Her Fringe Is Unforgettable

Celebs love to reveal new looks on the red carpets at major award shows. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams rocked extra long bangs at the 2016 Emmys, along with some serious, matte green eyeshadow. This heavy fringe was unforgettable and a totally different look for the star. Since the bangs were much longer than those she's worn in the past, it had me wondering: Are Maisie Williams bangs at the 2016 Emmys real?

Update: The bangs are indeed fake — they are clip-ins. The style was created by Dove Hair's Ryan Richman, according to a press release received by Bustle. Richmond said the high neckline of Williams' dress essentially required an updo. She loved his idea of adding a textured, clip-in bang to finish off the look.

Previous: Well, we won't know their actual status until Williams tweets, Instagrams, or confirms it during a red carpet interviews, if she chooses to specifically address whether or not her bangs are legit. That said, I've inspected her coif closely and these particular bangs don't appear real to me. They look like extensions styled down from the bun sitting atop her head.

These particular bangs are super long, hitting Williams' eyelashes. It's a sexy, peek-a-boo style, for sure. But you can't tell where the bangs are cut into her locks. As someone with bangs, you can see where mine begin and bangs usually don't start at the crown. I cannot find any discernible line of demarcation for her bangs.

That said Williams' bangs are adorbs on her and should provide inspo. If you are considering making this sort of coif commitment, my vote is a firm "yes" in favor of fringe as inspired by Williams.

Observe Maisie Williams 2016 Emmys fringe.


I love Williams' bun x bangs combo. It's super chic and the length and imperfectness of the bangs add a messy, fun, bedhead texture to her ballerina bun. So, so cute!


Also, when her makeup artist was applying that fab green shadow, Williams' hair was fully slicked back. I see no signs of freshly cut bangs.

BTW, Williams wasn't rocking bangs three weeks ago on Insta, either.

I am going to wager that the bangs were extensions woven in through her bun. Whatever the case, the look is bomb AF. Williams has worn bangs before and it's always a "do" for her 'do.

Images: Maisie Williams/Instagram (1)