Tatiana Maslany Wishes Jimmy Fallon A Happy Birthday On The Emmys Red Carpet & It's So Awkward

Pretty much any awards show red carpet can be awkward for many reasons, the Emmys included. The weather doesn't always cooperate, the stars rush from place to place, and everything tends to get a little crazy. The 2016 Emmys red carpet was no exception: In fact, one of the most awkward moments so far involved E!'s Giuliana Rancic Emmy nominee wishing Tatiana Maslany a happy birthday... until she pretty much put Maslany on the spot to wish a happy birthday to someone else.

After discussing the Emmys and the ceremony, Rancic asked Maslany what she was going to do for her birthday on Sept. 22. When Maslany stated that she'd be seeing friends, Rancic asked her if she knew that The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon's birthday was on Sept. 19. Maslany didn't — so, naturally, Rancic asked if she wanted to wish Fallon a happy birthday, from one Virgo to another. Taken slightly aback, Maslany quickly muttered that she was being put on the spot, and then said happy birthday... to the camera? I guess that's the best way to reach Fallon.

It's an odd request, and not just because Fallon's recent, lighthearted interview of Donald Trump has made him somewhat of a controversial figure this week. It's not like he and Maslany's birthdays are the same day — why would Rancic bring him up at all? Nobody on Twitter seems shocked that Maslany found the situation strange.

Yep, that's pretty much exactly how it went down.

At least Maslany is not alone in her discomfort.

Hmmmmm. It's a thinker, right? That's just how the red carpet goes, unfortunately. As festive and fun as the Emmy Awards can be, it only means that those lulls can hit even harder than usual.