Is Jay Z At The 2016 Emmy Awards? His Name Isn't On The Seating Chart

The Emmy Awards are the biggest night in television — it’s the time when it’s all about television, when TV doesn’t have to share a thing with movies or music or anything else at all! Of course, that doesn’t mean that music acts won’t cross over into television territory, ike Beyoncé, for instance. Where is Beyoncé at the 2016 Emmy Awards? And more importantly: Is Jay-Z at the 2016 Emmys with her? Because we haven't seen him anywhere.

Beyoncé’s tour de force Lemonade HBO special turned a lot of heads when it came out — everyone I know was obsessed with it — and that includes heads of Emmy voters. According to the Los Angeles Times, Lemonade has four nominations, for variety special, editing, directing, and production. Unfortunately, it went home without any awards at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards (where all of the special effects awards and the likes are given out). But don’t worry. Beyoncé still has a shot at an award for directing. It would be a big step for Beyoncé if she won, and she would be on her way to her eventual EGOT (you know that she’s going to earn one eventually. She’s Beyoncé). And, even if she doesn’t win, she’ll just come back with something bigger and badder next year.

Though the pre-award show cameras gave us a sneak peek at where Beyoncé will be sitting during the awards (right in front of Kyle Chandler, btw) thanks to some well-placed name tags on chairs, Jay Z's name was no where to be found.

Is it possible that he's calling in sick to the award show? It would be disappointing if this is the case, but perhaps the power couple couldn't find a babysitter for the evening, or maybe he's working. It's also possible that for some bizarre reason the rapper is seated away from his wife, or the seating chart made an error. Regardless, we hope to see Jay Z surprise us all and show up to support his wife, the one and only Queen Bey.