Sterling K. Brown Has A Lot Of Love For 'ACS'

The awards haven't even been handed out yet, but it feels like the cast of American Crime Story's The People v. O.J. Simpson are already winning the night thanks to the amount of love they have for one another. During his E! Live from the Red Carpet interview, actor Sterling K. Brown, who plays Chris Darden on the series, couldn't stop gushing over his former co-star Sarah Paulson and what it was like working with her. He also made mention of how people 'shipped Marcia Clark and Chris Darden both on the show and in real life — a term that even he had never heard before starring on the show.

Those of you familiar with the O.J. Simpson trial know that there was a great deal of speculation surrounding the relationship between Clark and Darden throughout the trial, with many believing that a romantic interest had developed between the two of them, which is something both Ryan Murphy and the show made sure to hint toward, according to Brown.

"We shot this scene in 'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia,' which is Episode 6 where we're late night in the office and they end up having a drink and dancing and everything and the first time we rehearsed it, Ryan [Murphy] was directing it and he said that's perfect do it just like that — set up the lights and make it happen. And you could feel the energy of people being like, "oh snap something's happening, like something really really good is happening!" And when we got a chance to show it to the rest of the public people started hash tagging Darcia... I didn't even know what shipping was man and now all of a sudden it's a thing."

The chemistry between Paulson and Brown was palpable from the very beginning, and this just reaffirms that notion. And the fact that they were intentionally putting out romantic implications could indicate that Murphy (along with many others) believe that sparks did fly between the character's real-life counterparts. But will their efforts earn them some Emmy love? We'll find out soon enough! Image: Ray Mickshaw/FX; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle