23 Reasons Barb Is The 'Stranger Things' MVP

"What's so great about Barb from Stranger Things," you may ask, "is she really that big a deal?" Sure, Barb was only in three episodes. And, yes, Barb was a side character to Nancy's story who only ever talked about Nancy's budding relationship with Steve. However, boiling Barb down to just the moment when she speaks is to do an injustice to the character. There is so much to learn about Barb in the moments between her lines that, if you're not paying attention, you may fail to realize that Barb is the Stranger Things MVP.

Most television characters need multiple episodes to develop and grow into a three-dimensional person. Barb, however, isn't like most television characters. Most of Barb's story is implied. Sparse as it is, it mirrors the stories of many real high schoolers from the '80s and beyond — the story of the awkward girl who doesn't quite fit in but is still unapologetically herself. Barb's journey to the Upside Down seemed pretty conclusive, but there's no denying that her character left a hole that the show will never be able to fill. Not convinced? Here's further proof that Barb is the best thing about Stranger Things.

1. Barb Is A Master Of Sass

Barb's sharp wit spares no victims — be it Steve foolishly shotgunning beers or Nancy being wooed by Steve foolishly shotgunning beers.

2. Barb Is Attentive

Let's be honest, it was smart of the Demogorgon to take out Barb first. If Barb was able to utilize her bra-deduction skills towards the small-town mystery, Stranger Things only would've been four or five episodes long.

3. Barb Is A Fashion Icon

Barb's normcore style choices may not have been admired at the time, but, in 2016, her unique choices are chic. Then again, Barb probably knew she was ahead of her time.

4. She's An Inspiration To Artists

The amount of fanart dedicated to Barb can only be described as "prolific." Barb inspires something in people and pushes them to create.

5. She Is Always By Her Friend's Side

Barb may not always agree with Nancy's choices, but she's always there for her pending a Demogorgon abduction.

6. Barb Can Communicate Everything She Needs To With Only A Look

She may not have many lines in Stranger Things, but you don't need many lines when you can express exactly what you need to with a glance or an eye roll.

7. Barb Is Hilarious

Why else would Nancy be laughing so hard at that picture of her and Barb hanging on her well? Barb is probably even funnier than fans got to see.

8. She's Willing To Put Herself At Risk For A Friend

Barb risked a lot by going to that party with Nancy. She risked feeling uncomfortable, leading her best friend into the arms of some silly boy, and being taken into a mysterious other dimension that exists outside a conventional understanding of space and time. Now that is a good friend.

9. Barb Is An Inspiration To All Redheads

There was only one major ginger character in all of Stranger Things, but the Duffer brothers sure made her count.

10. She's The Real Main Character (In A Way)

When the actor herself describes the show, you realize it's pretty much Barb's story all along.

11. Barb Is A Great Student

One of Barb's few scenes show her studying for an upcoming test. The biggest tragedy of the entire series is that Barb probably would've aced it, but she never got the chance.

12. Barb Is Even Glamorous In The Upside Down

No matter where, when, or what she is — Barb is always killing it even when she's dead.

13. Barb Changed The Eyewear Game

Barb's choice of glasses has spawned many an imitator despite supposedly being 30 years out of style.

14. Barb Is A Fantastic Actor

Barb may not have been chill when going to Steve's party, but you would be forgiven for thinking she was 100 percent chill. If Barb is so good at "playing" chill, who's to say she isn't playing dead as well?

15. Barb Has Exceeded Expectations

Despite being a minor character, she has the second largest social media presence next to Eleven. This is just one step closer on the mission to get #JusticeForBarb.

16. Barb Is Queen Of Diving Board Sitting

The image of Barb sitting along on the edge of a diving board is already iconic, and rightfully so. This picture tells a thousand words worth of Barbara's entire life — and, tragically, her death.

17. She Has Her Own Pizza Style

Who wouldn't want a slice of a Barb-approved pie?

18. Even Presidential Candidates Look Like Barb

If Barb was alive today, would she be running for office? I'd like to think so.

19. Barb Might Be A Time Traveler

This. Explains. Everything.

20. Barb Has Great Teeth

Even when she's dragged to her death and everything else has gone gray and gritty, Barb's teeth are still on point. Clearly Barb knows the value of regular dental checkups.

21. Barb Is Even More Amazing In Pug Form

This should be surprising to no one as everything is better in pug form.

22. Barb Can Rock A Mouth Slug Like No One Else

Being cursed to shelter a mouth slug certainly isn't an ideal situation, but Barb certainly makes the most of it.

23. Barb Is All Of Us

It's as simple as that.

Barb likely won't be returning for Season 2 of Stranger Things, but that doesn't mean her legacy will not live on. So whether you seek to dress as Barb for Halloween or adopt Barb's lifestyle and become the Barb of 2016, be sure to stay true to the spirit of Barb — and, by being true to Barb, you are being true to yourself.

Images: Curtis Baker/Netflix, Giphy