18 Gripping Suspense Movies On Netflix That'll Glue You To Your Couch

Just the fact that my couch exists is enough to glue me to it, let's be honest. But it's always an added bonus when I'm firmly couched and also have something gripping and suspenseful to watch on Netflix. Suspense movies, for me at least, are hit and miss. Either they're so suspenseful that my anxiety is in overdrive and I'm totally uncomfortable the whole time, or they're just suspenseful enough to distract me from life for a while and give me a reason (not like I need one) to cuddle up to my wife for "support." Insert winky face here.

Car chases, people with mad stunt skills, stuff blowing up, a can't-look-away mystery, a fast and intense plot... it's the kind of emotional roller coaster some people live for. It's like an adrenaline rush without the spine snapping risk of bungee jumping or the mind-numbing prospect of your parachute not opening during a skydive. Heck yes! Extreme sports for lazy people via suspenseful and intense Netflix movies. I'm all the way in. What's even better is that there are some real winners with leads who aren't just your average buff, white, cis male action star. Show me diversity, show me women kicking serious movie ass, and you might as well just take my money before it even hits my bank account. Grab your popcorn and your snuggle buddy (cats included), it's time to dive into the list.

Back To The Future

Don't count out the classics of your parents' generation. You'll be on the edge of your seat when the prom scene goes down.

The Finest Hours

The Coast Guard doesn't get enough play, IMHO. This one's about a dangerous rescue mission, so there are going to be heroes everywhere.

Three Days To Kill

People either love or hate Kevin Costner. I blame Waterworld.

The Princess Bride

You killed my father. Prepare to die.

World Trade Center

It has Nick Cage and it's about 9//11. I'm pretty sure suspense is a given.


Are you not entertained?


There are no genders or sexualities that don't include a love of Channing Tatum. He makes even this lesbian's heart tingle. Damn you, Channing. Damn you.


An assassin is out to get a little girl and only one mad with a painful past can help her... Come on. Perf.

Four Brothers

Marky Mark and his adopted brothers go balls to the wall to avenge their murdered foster mom. Feels. For. Days.

Kill Zone 2

Criminal masterminds + martial arts.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

I know we're all still trying to sort our feels out over Johnny Depp since the abuse and domestic violence allegations, but we can watch for Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom!

Fantastic Four

Superheros! There's always action and suspense.

The Italian Job

Hold on to your non-gender-specific panties because this one's super awesomely intense.

10.0 Earthquake

Greeting from my sweaty anxiety nightmares.

Deep Impact

In a natural disaster of this magnitude, would you lose your sh*t, or would you save the day?

V For Vendetta

This movie gave me literal chills, and I knew what was going to happen because I read the graphic novel. Holy ham sadwich!


Catwoman: Halle Berry Edition

Empire State

The Rock. That guy Miley Cyrus might be marrying. Nw York.

There you have it! Just remember, a good date doesn't hog the snacks, no matter how good they are.

Images: Bustle