Kate Gosselin Lands 'Celebrity Apprentice' and a TLC One-Hour Special; Why So Much Kate?

Kate Gosselin is about to be all over your television whether you want her there or not. The mom of 8 and former star of the TLC reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 has had enough of ex-husband Jon Gosselin bashing her on Couples Therapy and has decided she needs a reality show outlet of her own. But because everything Kate does comes in multiples, she's actually getting two shows; take that Jon and your one measly show! Earlier this week Us Weekly confirmed that Kate was cast in the 14th season of Celebrity Apprentice alongside celebs like Real Housewives' Brandi Glanville, rapper Ludacris, and gymnast Shawn Johnson. In addition to that gig, Kate and her clan will be back on TLC in June for a one-hour special so she can further show Jon that her family is doing just fine without him.

Jon and Kate have been bitterly embroiled in an argument that's taken place not privately as it should, but through the media. Jon slammed Kate in a magazine interview; Kate landed the cover of People so she could slam him right back. Kate made a TV appearance to show that her family is functional; Jon pointed to the footage as evidence that his kids are anything but. Back and forth the two have gone and it's been exhausting for the public to witness. But the media attention that they've garnered was apparently good enough for TLC to take Kate and her family back for a one-hour long special that will look back on our favorite Gosselin moments while also touching on "how all eight kids have grown, what their interests are currently and the latest on Kate's life and career." I'm not entirely sure the public needs this; the family hasn't exactly faded away enough to deserve a comeback special.

Here's a brief timeline of their media coverage since the official ending of their TLC show in September 2011.

October 2012 - Kate cries on Katie Couric when talking about her hardships.

February 2013 - The Gosselin family stars in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap where Kendra Wilkinson and Kate switch households for a week.

August 2013 - The Gosselin brood graces the cover of People magazine in a special article dedicated to seeing what their life after TV has been like.

September 2013 - Kate's cookbook "Love is in the Mix" debuts.

October 2013 - Kate Gosselin goes on Bethenny Frankel's television show to once again try to convince everyone that she and her family are totally normal.

December 2013 - Jon Gosselin gives an interview slamming Kate for pretty much everything.

January 2014 - Kate and her twins cover People again, also make the rounds on various talk shows to convince the public they're okay. They kind of fail miserably at achieving this.

Okay, so does this look like a family we need to play catch-up with? I think we've kind of had a Gosselin overload these past few months and I'm not sure we need another hour with the family. But this is bigger than the public. Kate is no doubt tired of her husband saying things on national television about her. This is her way to fight back, and also to taunt him. Jon hates when his kids are on TV, and this will no doubt drive him crazy. But do viewers need to be in the middle of this domestic issue? No. Will that stop Jon and Kate from putting us in the middle? History sadly says: no.

Image: fanpop