This Is How Rihanna Wears Her Fenty x Puma Pieces

It's the ultimate in urban, street chic. Rihanna's first Fenty x Puma Collection arrived and many pieces have already sold out online because they translate RiRi's style to the street level. There is a lot of athleisure — sweats, hoodies, leggings, maxi dresses, and statement wedge booties — in the range. But all the pieces have fashion-forward details. The singer and creative director for the brand is going to show her second Fenty x Puma collection at Paris Fashion Week on Sept. 28. To debut her Spring/Summer 2017 offerings in the fashion capital of the world is a massive deal for her as a designer, so kudos, Rih!

Rihanna has been rocking pieces from the collection, as has Puma brand ambassador Kylie Jenner. But Rihanna offered this key tip on how to wear the pieces from Fenty x Puma. There is no better suggestion than one from the designer herself, especially since she happens to be a major style influencer.

In a video posted to the official Puma Instagram, Rihanna gushed over the collection, noting that she loves the pants silhouettes and the oversized nature of the clothes. She pointed out that everything is cozy and comfortable — the pieces are as roomy as they are fashionable.

But here's how she recommended wearing Fenty x Puma. Rihanna said, "My favorite part is that you can mix, match anything in the collection together."

There you have it. Since the color palette is black and white, you can combine different pieces and avoid that matchy-matchy look. Unless it's that matchy-matchy look that you desire. But since it's athleisure, pairing a white laced and cropped hoodie with flared leg white sweats can look more like a uniform than you intended.

Other observations from the video? Her brows are majorly high impact. And what's with that detachable looking, Puma-branded hood she is wearing? I was so hoping that Rihanna's first collection would include the oversized hoodie with the Puma name stamped at the top, which she has been wearing in the brand's imaging.

Like so. Perhaps that "hoodie" in the advertising is detachable and is what Rihanna is wearing in the video where she discusses mixing and matching. Maybe it's part of the S/S 2017 collection?

Whatever the case, you can mix and match Fenty x Puma pieces within the collection itself, as well as with other items already in your closet.

The Lacing leggings have cool details.

You could pair them with the gray, cropped, laced hoodie with black piping. The mixable, matchable quality is what makes Fenty x Puma rad AF.

Kylie went with matched pieces, but you don't have to.

BTW, the OG Rihanna x Puma Creepers in the original colorways are making a comeback on Sept. 29.

Images: Puma/Instagram (3); Courtesy of Puma (3); Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1)