19 WOC Makeup Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram Immediately — PHOTOS

A trip down the makeup aisle can leave women of color with a sour taste of disappointment in their mouths. Often, there's a serious shortage of makeup shades for deeper skin tones, and even less information online on how to use it. Luckily, makeup artists who are WOC do exist, and they save the day with tips and tricks brown babes crave.

As much as beauty lovers enjoy watching makeup mavens nail winged liner and sculpt the perfect contour on camera, you don't always have time to watch hours of YouTube footage. Sometimes a quick tutorial and a few product mentions are all you need. Perhaps that's why beauty Instagram accounts have popped up left and right lately: They're a quick beauty fix, and it's easy to fill your feed with your faves. Glittery eyelids, glossy pouts, and the perfect foundation to match darker skin are all things you can find in the WOC Instagram beauty world.

Showing us how to up the ante with our skills, there are more than enough WOC Instagram accounts for makeup inspiration floating around. And thanks to popular vloggers like Makeup Shayla and Ellaire, WOC artists are better represented on the 'gram these days. Give these 19 beauties a follow to see makeup done on a range of caramel and cocoa colored skin tones.

1. @_gabriellaelena

Tired of the same old smoky eyes and neutral shadows? Gabriella's feed is one you need to check out ASAP! She's never one to shy away from neon shadows, bold lippies, and the most daring cut creases many might be a little afraid to duplicate.

2. @katkarmalust

Brace yourselves for one of the most luscious pouts on all of Instagram. There isn't a lip color that @katkarmalust can't make look oh so yummy. And her range of eyeshadow combos, from everyday neutrals to bursts of bright color, are to die for.

3. @curlsnlipstickk

Makeup artist Karina's feed is loaded with product porn mixed in between her gorgeous selfies. From luxury brushes, lipstick hoards, and dreamy foundations, Karina always shows off her favorite products. You can also check out her lengthier reviews on the Curls N Lipstick Youtube channel.

4. @iamcharityleigh

No matter what self-taught MUA Charity posts, it jumps right off of your screen. Her page is proof that you can never have too many metallic lipsticks and shadows.

5. @_ashleysophia

Ashley Sophia's beauty page is the place to be if you want to see highlighting on a WOC done to perfection. Her glow is always other worldly, whether she keeps things subtle or has her high beams turned on full blast.

6. @shvntxl

Showing just how well color pops off of melanin, this London based MUA always experiments with contrasting hues. The color combos Shantél puts together are beyond creative, proving this beauty knows just how to push the limits with makeup. You'll also catch glimpses of food porn as you scroll through her feed. Talk about a bonus!

7. @glamxkam

Kamryn usually keeps things on the more neutral end of the spectrum, making her the perfect inspiration for women who prefer a toned down aesthetic. But don't think she can't serve a look full of unusual hues and bright lip colors. This pro does it all!

8. @toniolaoye1

Artist Khadijat is all about bold brows and soft glam eyes. You'll find yourself impressed by the affordable makeup products she frequently uses to create her looks. Trust that you'll be living for all of her hair transformations, too.

9. @glamz_junkie

Yet another beauty influencer that showcases colorful liner work, @glamz_junkie has some pretty daring eyeshadow looks to offer. But her bold lip choices will likely grab your attention most, whether she rocks Barbie pink or a vampy burgundy.

10. @savannahsylver

Savannah Sylver's IG is probably one of the most eye-catching feeds you'll ever see. Her backdrops are not only extremely vivid, but her full glam makeup is also incredibly vibrant. If you're afraid of color, Sylver's tutorials can definitely change your mind. There isn't a shade in the rainbow she hasn't slayed on her account. Definitely check out her Rihanna inspired makeup looks.

11. @carol_kaledzera

This self-taught MUA has mastered the smoky eye like no other. Whether Carol Kaledzera keeps things neutral, jazzes her lid up with metallic pigments, or pops on colorful liner, her smoky shadow work is always worthy of hundreds of "likes".

12. @beautybyfatmah

Seriously, there isn't a shot in this beauty's IG portfolio that isn't absolutely stunning. Her looks prove simplicity is the key to nailing everyday looks that have just the right touch of glam. Try not to get envious of how photogenic she is when you scroll down her makeup feed.

13. @jamexicanbeauty

Cali based YouTuber Linda has perfected the art that is nude lippies (and we all know how much of a struggle it is to track down a true nude). Flawless brows and wispy lashes are also her strengths so pay close attention to this WOC's product suggestions. Did I mention that her hair is also goals AF?

14. @kxxshae

There will be no second guessing how this woman makes the magic happen: Her detailed tutorials show you every step of the way.

15. @beautybylee

There's more than meets the eye on @beautybylee's feed. Her page is your ultimate beauty destination for makeup tutorials and natural hair remedies. You'll find plenty of hair product mentions and style suggestions mixed throughout Lee's makeup posts. It can't get any better than that!

16. @makeupbytammi

If you're searching for lip colors that pair well with brown skin, look no further than Tammi Clarke's IG. Her page is loaded with lip swatches in every shade and finish imaginable. And you're bound to fall in love with the makeup looks she matches to her dozens of liquid lipsticks.

17. @torinicolemua

Every look makeup artist Tori Bass paints to perfection has such a romantic aesthetic. Her combinations of sultry eyeshadows and poppin' lipsticks make for the kinds of looks that'll have you truly feeling yourself.

18. @officiallyoh

YouTuber O'Keevia Howard isn't afraid to paint her lips with the brightest mattes or sweep her lids with bold washes of color. And it all looks so fabulous on this beauty blogger. Her OOTD posts just may inspire you to step up your wardrobe too!

19. @imakeyoubeeliv_

This MUA nails it every time! You can check out her mini tutorials on Instagram and get ready with her live by following her @imakeyoubeeliv snapchat. Score!

After following these feeds of constant slayage, your makeup skills may see some improvement. But when you try to expand your beauty collection with every product these WOC make look so darn good, your bank account will probably pay for it. Sorry 'bout it!

Image: _gabriellaelena/Instagram