How To Delete An Instagram Draft

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now that we've all rejoiced over the new Instagram update that allows us to save drafts, the next question you've probably got concerns how to delete an Instagram draft that you've already saved, The update came out on Tuesday, when Instagram tweeted the announcement along with a new Instagram Help Center page on how to save those drafts that you just haven't gotten right yet. But sometimes, you might decide that a photo just doesn't make the cut — so knowing how to delete a saved draft to keep it from cluttering up your account is valuable information indeed.

I can't begin to count how many times before this day that I've wished for the ability to save my Instagram posts. Apart from sharing pictures of cupcakes and throwbacks, I also post monthly makeup subscription unboxings as a hobby. Not only does it take a few minutes for me to artfully edit those photos to perfection, but additionally, the captions take a long time to write. More than once have I worked on a post for a solid five minutes, only to realize that another photo works better. And I know I can't be the only one, right? Sometimes, you just change your mind and realize that no matter which filter you use or how far right you drag the "Contrast" button, a photo may not be worth posting after all and you want to start over.

If you've been enjoying saving drafts in Instagram and now you want to get rid of a couple, here's how to do just that:

1. Pull Up The Editing Window In Instagram

Open Instagram and click on the camera button at the bottom of your screen, just like you would when you create a new post. A window will pull up and show a section of the posts that you have saved under "Drafts." You'll also notice an option called "Manage," along with your total number of drafts. Tap the word "Manage."

2. Pull Up All Of Your Drafts

A new window with only your saved drafts will appear. (Since I recently started playing around with this new feature, I only have two drafts saved so far.) Don't click on any of the actual drafts, because it'll take you to the regular editing page where you would normally add filters and other effects. Instead, click on the "Edit" option at the top right corner.

3. Select The Draft(s) You Want To Delete

A "Discard Posts" option will appear at the bottom. You'll notice that you can now choose one, two or all of the drafts. Pick the draft or drafts you want to delete, which will highlight the photo(s). (A check mark will let you know you've done it right).

Almost there! Before you're able to say "bye!" to a draft once and for all, Instagram will ask you if you're sure (how thoughtful). You can either hit "Cancel" if you decide it's a bomb post after all, or you can "Discard Posts."

Once you've deleted the posts, it'll vanish from your drafts. There, all gone! Now back to editing the good drafts.

Images: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images; Wendy Lu/Bustle (5)