How To Tell If You Have Instagram Draft Saving

by Megan Grant

The new Instagram update brings exciting news for the photo-obsessed: You can now save posts as drafts and come back to them later to edit and publish. This update makes the already-fabulous platform even better — although many of us are wondering how to tell if you have Instagram draft saving abilities yet. Do you have to install an update? Will the new feature appear automatically? Well, the good news is, I have answers. Here's what you need to know.

You're likely already aware that in order to see if you have the most current version of an app, you simply need to visit the app store of your smartphone; so that's what I did. There was indeed a new version of Instagram to update. However, the new features listed were zooming (which I still received, without updating), comment moderation, and the option to add color to text in Instagram Stories. No mention of the new ability to save drafts. Sure enough, though, when I go into Instagram, I'm already able to use this new feature — which means that as long as you have the latest version of the app installed (9.3 on iOS; the version number on Android depends on the device you're using, but it's dated Sept. 20, 2016), you should now be able to save your drafts.

Still not sure if you have the new Instagram update? Here's how to double check: Start creating a post like you normally would. I'll use my own Instagram as an example. Here's a fabulous picture from my current travels:

Click the Next button to proceed to the page where you can add a filter.

Obviously, this picture needs no filter. So I clicked Next again.

Here's where you add a caption, location, tags, etc. Say that I add my caption, but decide I'm not quite ready to post the whole thing yet. Instead of clicking Share, I click the back arrow, which takes me back to the filter page. If I click the back arrow once more, I get this:

Be still my heart. There it is: The option to save all of my hard work as a draft to be revisited later.

So if all else fails, next time you create a post on Instagram, try undoing the whole thing to see if you have the option to save it for later. If you do, hooray! You have the update. If you opt to save it, next time you log into Instagram and access your camera role, you'll see the draft right there.

While it might seem small, it'll certainly come in handy and saves you the trouble of having to delete a post, only to redo the whole thing later on. Seriously, who has time for that?

Images: Megan Grant/Bustle (4)