Geek Out In A 'Star Wars' Group Costume

It's the first Halloween since Star Wars came screaming back into pop culture in a major way. And with the re-invigoration of the live-action movie series came a newly minted trio of hero rebels. Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced Finn, Rey, and Poe Dameron: a diverse and truly awesome threesome who definitely have what it takes to carry nearly 40 years of history on their three sets of shoulders. They also have considerable style. Functional, clean, and memorable, Finn, Rey, and Poe's The Force Awakens ensembles are profoundly cool too. So what better way to celebrate a new era in the fine legacy of Star Wars than to get your own crew together to rock a group costume based on The Force Awakens ?

There are plenty of other characters to add to the mix if you have to dress more than three of you. Your tallest friends is obviously fine Captain Phasma material. Most luxurious hair gets Kylo Ren duty. But I'd like to start you off here, putting together outfits for the core Star Wars trio. Of course, there are costume sets available for sale for all of these characters. But for the sake of creativity and a better fit, I'm laying out the separates that you'll need. So here's your shopping list for transforming your squad into the Resistance's only hope this Halloween.


Sure, you could go with Stormtropper Finn. But I suggest that you focus instead on his post-First Order outfit, a.k.a. when Finn became his true self.


Finn spends most of the movie in a flight jacket that used to belong to his friend and co-escapee, Poe. This Her Universe jacket from Hot Topic ($69.50) is a way cheaper option than a leather replica.

Black Tee

A black t-shirt and black jeans round out the rest of Finn's outfit. This Old Navy fitted v-neck ($12.94) is a staple you'll wear over and over again.


Your Rey and Finn cosplayers could fight over this lightsaber from the Disney Store ($29.95). (Though technically, it doesn't belong to either of them.) But Finn did handle Luke's lightsaber with skill, and Rey already has a prop of her own.


Poe is "one hell of a pilot," so his X-Wing flight gear makes the most recognizable costume.

Pilot Jumpsuit

Grab a one-piece canvas number like this American Work Apparel jumpsuit ($29.00) to be the base of your costume. Next year, you can go as a Litchfield inmate.


Wearable X-Wing helmets are no joke in the price department. Pick up a plain, white baseball helmet like this one from BaseballSavings.com ($19.95) and decorate it with paint, markers, or decals.


These Rebellion Stickers from Etsy (Various) can be purchased in all different sizes and used to adorn your helmet. Instant fighter pilot.


Instead of wearing a plastic chest plate from a cheap costume, you can try to modify something like this Girls' Puffer Vest from The Gap ($55.20). The smaller the better, since Poe's is more of a flak jacket than a full-on vest.


Rey slayed in her Jakku scavenging uniform. If you love earth tones, have I got the costume for you.


Simple and moderately priced, these beige leggings from Walmart ($5.94) are like sandy camouflage.

Tank Top

Target's seamless tank ($12) is yet another costume piece that will slot easily into your closet. Can't go wrong with a basic top for everyday. To get the effect of Rey's drape-y vest, go to your local art store and buy some beige fabric by the yard. Wrap some Ace bandages around both arms to finish off your top.


Rey does a lot of unexpected running on Jakku, so it's a good thing she was wearing sensible, flat shoes. These Journee boots from Kohl's ($59.99) are a pretty close approximation of Rey's footwear.


Thread a long, brown belt through the loops of this waist bag from Jet ($40.79), and that's the closet thing Rey has to a handbag.

Bo Staff

You could walk around all night with a broom handle. (As Rey says in the movie, "the garbage will do!"), but you could also scam this screen-accurate bo staff from Target ($18) for about the price of a movie ticket.

That's it! Happy Halloween, and thanks in advance for saving the galaxy.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; Hot Topic; Old Navy; The Disney Store; American Work Apparel; BaseballSavings.com; Etsy; The Gap; Walmart, Target (2); Kohl's; Jet