Will Caitlyn Jenner Return For 'Transparent' Season 4? Her Cameo May Be A One-Time Thing

Transparent returned to Amazon for a third season on Friday, Sept. 23 ­and it featured a Caitlyn Jenner cameo. It was a pretty trippy scene, and left fans wanting more from the Olympian and reality star. Considering the fact that a fourth season of Transparent was already announced, it begs the question will Caitlyn Jenner be in Transparent Season 4, too?

When it was announced that Caitlyn Jenner would be making an appearance on Transparent season 3, the Internet had a lot to say about it — which honestly is par for the course on any topic when it comes to the Internet. Fans of Jenner praised the series, while others questioned her conservative politics. Transparent showrunner Jill Soloway put all of the critics at bay, and was quoted in Entertainment Weekly as saying: “We are all part of the same community … A lot of the trans women who work on our show are also in her show, I Am Cait. Lots of crossover. Lots of friends.”

Of course, I Am Cait has sadly since been cancelled, according to Variety. But, will Jenner's fans see her on TV again in Transparent, at least? Alas, probably not. Considering the type of cameo she had, there's not a lot of room for a repeat performance. According to EW, originally Soloway had joked that Jenner had a bigger role, saying, “She plays the Pfefferman’s cousin," before adding, “That’s not true at all.”

Episode 3 spoilers ahead: Jenner actually played herself and appeared in a dream sequence as an apparition seen by Ali, played by Gaby Hoffmann. Soloway told EW that Ali has a “kind of wild, nitrous-inspired, goddess-worshiping dream sequence” where Jenner appeared with feminist playwright Ntozake Shange.

Her performance was well-received by the cast, with Transparent star Jay Duplass telling People, “It was fun to have her on set … People are nervous about how she shows up on Transparent. All I can say is that once they see it, they'll be really pleased because it makes a lot of sense the way that it happens.”

So, although a dream sequence doesn't necessarily make for a recurring spot, it does seem like everyone from the creator to the stars enjoyed working with Jenner. Maybe Ali will have more strange dreams next season? Although it's unknown if we'll see more of Jenner on Transparent, fans can at least enjoy the newly released season and the current Jenner cameo on Amazon right now.