'Fuller House' Season 2's Thanksgiving Episode Will Be A Big Deal For 'Full House' Fans

I hope everyone is ready for a Tanner/Fuller/Katsopolis/Gladstone/Gibbler Thanksgiving this year, because Fuller House Season 2 is premiering December 9 on Netflix, and it is bringing with it the first Full House Thanksgiving since Season 1. That's right, Full House only had one Thanksgiving episode, despite being a comedy all about family. The lack of Tanner Thanksgivings has been a sore spot for fans since the '90s — and by fans, I mean me. However, Fuller House is righting that particular wrong with a massive Fuller House Thanksgiving that you will absolutely want to watch the moment it lands on Netflix.

After all those years of not inviting fans to their Thanksgiving dinners, D.J. and company are throwing a massive holiday feast that is such a big deal that it even got a nod on the Fuller House Season 2 poster. Granted, the peaceful looking Thanksgiving picnic in front of the Tanner abode is more of a callback to the opening credits than a sign of things to come. If you want an actual look at the wonderful, chaotic holiday episode, then you need to check out the photo of the big event that John Stamos posted on his Instagram feed. This is what joy looks like, guys.

If you think back to Full House Season 1, the show's sole Thanksgiving episode was one of its saddest outings. Focusing on the first Thanksgiving without Stephanie, D.J., and Michelle's mom, Pam, everyone, especially D.J., went out of their way to make the day perfect the way Pam would have. Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The family pulled things together in the end, but it was still a somber affair.

What is going on in the Fuller House episode looks like the opposite of somber. This could be the Thanksgiving episode that Tanner family devotees have been waiting for all these years. The table is packed with Danny, Joey, Uncle Jesse, and Aunt Becky, as well as Steve and — wait for it — Joey's wife Ginger Gladstone (played by Laura Bell Bundy).

This Thanksgiving episode isn't just momentous because it is only the second in the Tanner family's history; it is also introducing the world to Joey's wife and kids. After all this time, Joey has started a family of his own, and, according to TV Line, they are going to make their first appearance in Episode 6, the Thanksgiving episode. With Joey's family at the table, there will definitely be some magic happening — and I mean that literally because Ginger is reportedly a magician.

Seeing the extended Tanner family all gather around to eat turkey, laugh, fight, and try not to burn the pies is special, not just because it's so rare or because it's introducing even more members to the ever-expanding brood. It's special because Full and Fuller House are both about family at their core, and Thanksgiving is the one holiday all about celebrating the people you love. The episode is sure to be full of silly and heartwarming moments, but, more than anything, it will show how far the family has come since their first post-Pam holiday.

Way back in 1987 when the first Thanksgiving episode aired, the only people at the Tanner table were Danny, Uncle Jesse, Joey, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle, and they were all still broken over the loss of Pam. Not only has the family grown since then, but it has healed and found a way to honor the family members they lost without losing their joy. The Fuller House Thanksgiving episode is going to bring the Tanner family Thanksgiving full circle from bittersweet to just plain sweet.

Image: Netflix