A DJ Tanner-Hosted Thanksgiving Would Be Great

If there's one sitcom family that would be super fun to spend Thanksgiving with, it's the Tanners. The show isn't called Full House for nothing — this squad definitely needs to break out the extra table in order to fit their many, many family members, their significant others, and, of course, Kimmy. (It also needs to break out the extra turkey just in case DJ's on-again, off-again boyfriend Steve decided to stop by to ingest an entire bird.) While everyone in this family would have something to contribute to Thanksgiving, there's one Tanner member that I would totally give the reigns on the holiday if I had the opportunity, and that is ideal older sister DJ Tanner who could totally host Thanksgiving in 2015 and make it seem just as classic Full House as always.

Danny may be able to clean up those greasy turkey stains from the table cloth and Joey may be able to put on a festive puppet show depicting the Thanksgiving dinner between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims, but it's DJ who would make this holiday sail as smoothly as the Mayflower. DJ may be one of the younger members of the Tanner family, but let's be honest: DJ is way more mature than any of us. So how would a DJ-run Thanksgiving look? Here are some ideas...

1. Everyone Would Get To Help Out With Dinner

DJ knows the importance of making everyone feel included, which is why even the culinary-challenged would get to help out with the Thanksgiving meal.

2. ...But She'd Have A Backup Pie Just In Case

Let's be real: Would you trust a pie made by a Gibbler? You know that the super organized DJ has an extra pumpkin pie hidden in the back of the freezer, and will then let Kimmy brag about her delicious (and unknowingly store-bought) dessert.

3. Thanksgiving Decorations Would Be On Point

This girl was super involved in organizing school events, which means one thing: Napkin turkeys for daaaaays. Even if the ones that Kimmy makes sort of look more like napkin frogs.

4. She Won't Have To Think Twice About What To Be Thankful For

DJ had to learn the importance of family supporting one another very early on, as her uncles really had to rally in order to help Danny raise the girls after his wife died in a car accident. When it comes time to give thanks, it's her fam (both biologically related and not) who will get the biggest shout out.

5. It Will Be A Glam Affair

Well, at least it will be for DJ: Her hair is perpetually on fleek, as the kids in 2015 would say.

6. There Will (Inevitably) Be A Love Triangle At The Dinner Table

It's just how things usually go with DJ. Remember Viper?

7. Family Will Be Everything

The food will be tasty and the place settings adorable, but it's DJ's natural ability to bring people together that will make the Tanner's Thanksgiving truly memorable. The voice of reason knows how to unite her family even during the toughest of times — which is exactly why the Thanksgiving hosting duties should always go to Deej.

Sadly, none of us can score an invite to DJ's Thanksgiving, but you totally can re-watch old episodes of Full House to spend some quality time with the Tanner clan.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (7)