'Stranger Things' Fans Will Love The 'As You Are' Trailer Starring Our Own Jonathan Byers — VIDEO

If you’re anything like the rest of the Stranger Things fans out there, you’re clamoring for more of the show that you fell in love with. So, while you and the rest of the world wait for Season 2 of Stranger Things to get here already, there are a few things that might help you to keep your head above water. Like watching the new trailer for As You Are over and over again. Fans of Stranger Things are going to love this new film. Not only does it start one of your favorites from the beloved Netflix series, but there are a number of things that make this film on par with the show that you loved so much.

Like, for example, the fact that it’s another period piece. And, sure, this one doesn’t go as far back as the 1980s — the decade that we all know and love so much — but it does go back to the 1990s, a time that comes in a close second, if you ask me. Harkening back to a decade where things were just different enough to cause conflict, the three young characters trapped in this small town feel the cramped confines of their lives and the beliefs of the people around them. Sounds familiar, right?

But there are other things in this movie that fans of Stranger Things will like, such as the fact that the trailer is pretty darn creepy. And, OK fine, it’s not like aliens in the walls kind of creepy, but it’s definitely a dark film that will hopefully fill all of your desires for teenage angst as you wait for Season 2 of Stranger Things. If neither of those things does it for you, then this definitely will: As You Are also stars Charlie Heaton (AKA Jonathan Byers, Will’s brother), the breakout star of Season 1 of Stranger Things.

See? I told you there were plenty of things in this film for fans to get excited about it. And it’s not just a bit part where you barely get to see Heaton on screen. No, this role is a substantial one, with Heaton taking top billing right after Owen Campbell, the lead actor in the film.

So trust me when I say that if you like Stranger Things, you are going to love As You Are, a film with many of the same themes, settings, and even cast members. Check it out when it premieres on Amazon in 2017.

Image: Votiv Films