What Happened To The Nurses On 'AHS: Roanoke'? Bridget & Miranda Have A Bloody Backstory

Geez, remind me to never go to the doctors again... like ever. While a vast majority of the mysteries surrounding American Horror Story: Roanoke remain unknown, viewers were treated to a little more backstory about the farmhouse's past — particularly in regards to who used to be its former occupants. Meet Bridget and Miranda, two Roanoke nurses who had a nasty habit of killing the sick and elderly for sport. In fact, they even went so far as to turn the house into an assisted living facility so that they could proceed to murder all of the patients whose first names helped them to spell out the word "murder." But before they could finish the world's most horrifying spelling bee, they disappeared without a trace. So what happened to the nurses on AHS: Roanoke ? Elias Cunningham has a theory of what went down.

Elias (played by Denis O'Hare) originally came to the house looking for research for his true crime novel centered around the two nurses, but soon found that the house was a whole different evil unto itself. In the videotape Shelby and Matt discovered in his secret hideout, he explained how he believed that the nurses didn't just take off on a whim — they were stopped by something more evil than they were. He wasn't sure what that could possibly be, considering they themselves were certainly no saints. But he predicted that they somehow angered the wrong person (or persons), which led to their demise.

There is one piece of evidence that seems to back up Elias' claim: The fact that Matt has seen these very same nurses in the house only to have them disappear moments later. To me, this signifies that they are now ghosts that haunt the farmhouse and all who enter, which means that's probably where they died. The only question is... who or what killed them?

Image: FX