Can You Change Your Patronus On Pottermore?

Today Pottermore revealed a much-anticipated feature to their interactive Harry Potter fan site — the ability to discover your Patronus on Pottermore. The quiz experience leads users through the Forbidden Forest, where they listen to ominous music and are prompted with series of words, which eventually guide them to a body of water where their Patronus is revealed. So far there are dozens of types of Patronuses people are getting online, prompting some to wonder: can you change your Patronus on Pottermore if you didn't get the exact one that you wanted? After all, there were some people who got "rare" Patronuses like unicorns or thestrals. It's legit to wonder if your variety of bird or dog compares.

To that I say, first and foremost: don't hate on your Patronuses, y'all. They are the manifestation of your happiest memories, a fragment of your being, and having any kind of Patronus is an honor and a privilege. This quiz was approved by Queen J.K. Rowling herself, and took a lot of factors into account, including the timing of your answers. Your Patronus is unique to you and you should be proud, even if it isn't exactly how you imagined it.

As for whether or not you can change it — I'm afraid if you want to stick to your original Pottermore account, you can't. Pottermore is a little bit ruthless (but also arguably justified) about cementing your results on their quizzes. The same way you can only get Sorted once at Hogwarts, and the same way only one of Ollivander's wands will ~choose~ you, the first results you have are the ones you'll have on that account for life.

That being said, you are, as always, welcome to open another Pottermore account — but heed with caution! You should be able to claim your old houses, but if you decide to chance it and take the quiz again, there's a chance you'll get a very different result from the one you anticipated. It's not that the quiz has changed, but rather that you have. In fact, a lot of research has gone into the idea that we change so much over time that there is really and truly no way to permanently "sort" people with the Sorting hat. Maybe you were a Hufflepuff last year and a Slytherin this year! Who knows?

In any case, we all have reason to rejoice today. Our Patronuses are here and we are finally safe from the likes of runaway dementors. To borrow some slang from Rose Granger-Weasley, this is so Dumbledore.

Images: Pottermore; Giphy