9 Fat Positive Icons To Dress Up As For Halloween

by Gina Jones 2

Dressing up as someone you admire is one of the best parts of Halloween, and luckily, your fave might make an excellent fat positive Halloween costume. Not only do you get to dress up as a fat babe, but you can use your costume as a conversation starter to educate others during the Halloween party — a costume that pays homage to a fat legend reminds people that even fat folks can majorly influence popular culture.

And while these people are definitely fat role models, they also achieved icon status for a whole host of other reasons. Regardless of body politics, these icons deserve to be commemorated for Halloween because they're just that awesome.

There's a lot of diversity to choose from, too. All of these fat positive icons are invariably different in their style, meaning that there's definitely someone on this list that could appeal to your personal sense of style. Some of these costume ideas might be harder to execute than others, but all of them open the door for some seriously creative possibilities. This Halloween, why not give a big, bold nod to your favorite plus size character, and let everyone bask in the glory of your unrepentant, fully costumed fatness?

1. Ursula

Ursula is fat, evil, and a shapeshifter — the latter makes her a particularly compelling fat icon to be for Halloween. Think about it: She could be the thin, beautiful woman who tries to steal Prince Eric during the whole of the film, but she chooses to be a purple, fat sea witch.

To cop this look, the details are everything. Even if you end up making your tentacles out of trash bags, if you've got the purple skin and the perfect makeup look, then everyone will know who you're meant to be.

As for the outfit itself, these bad boys are sold in a lot of stores online — although not for very cheap - but if you're invested in this look and you can go big, why not?

Sea Witch Octopus Costume (One Size), $129.99,

White Layered Wig, $25.99,

Ursula Necklace, $14,

2. Divine

In case you didn't know, Ursula was inspired by Divine, the drag queen who conspired with John Waters to create some of the filthiest cinema alive. Divine took pride in being obnoxious and fat, which led to Divine being the fat icon she is known as today. A Divine costume is perfect for anyone looking to do some OTT makeup, a ridiculous wig and a tight, bright outfit.

This look totally rides on a fat belly and a fierce face of makeup and while you may already have the first, the second can be copied pretty easily.

Any red dress could work for this costume and if you already have one, don't feel pressured to invest. If you don't? This one would work perfectly. As for the wig, spray some black roots onto the one below and you're good to go!

Long Sleeve Red Midi Dress (Available to Size 20), $42.50,

Beehive Wig In Yellow, $56.99,

3. Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time is a modern day hero in terms of fat positivity. She's lumpy, she's funky, and she's full of self confidence. Nothing stops Lumpy Space Princess from seeing herself as the most important person ever, which makes her a great role Halloween costume for unapologetic fat babes. If you want to get really aggressive with it, just paint your body purple and wear a star on your forehead.

But if you're not one for nudity, here's all you need to pull off the perfect LSP costume this year.

Lumpy Space Princess Wig, $60,

T-Shirt Dress (Available to Size 24), $14,

Classic Face Paint In Purple, $6.05,

4. Beth Ditto

Simone Joyner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is there a fat icon alive cooler than Beth Ditto? Beth Ditto speaks out against fat shaming often and isn't just a fat icon for being fat, but for sticking up for the fat community. The costume possibilities are endless, too. Beth Ditto's fashion sense is outstanding as well as varied and as long as you get the early '00s black bob and a microphone your costume is sure to kill it.

Black Bob Wig, $16.99,

Glitter Microphone, $5.27,

Modern Love Jumpsuit (Available to 3x), $157,

5. Miss Piggy

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It doesn't need to be explained as to why Miss Piggy is an iconic fat character — she just is. This queen knows what she wants and she gets it, which is a life lesson anyone can learn from. Dressing up as Miss Piggy is pretty open to interpretation, aside from the nose and the blonde wig. As long as you look like one glamorous pig, then you're going to nail it.

Blonde Wig, $15.99,

Pig Nose, Ear And Tail Costume Kit, $10.99,

Shame Blue Wiggle Dress (Available to 4x), $126,

6. Madam Mim

Madam Mim is another Disney shapeshifter who chooses to be a purple plus sizer. She also describes herself as "the magnificent, marvelous, mad Madam Mim!" Fat, confident, and rocking a ton of purple? Sold.

Fluffy Lilac Bob Wig, $16.31,

Knot Front Lilac T-Shirt (Available to Size 28), $17.99,

Midi Pleated Skirt (Available to Size 24), $36,

Classic Face Paint In Purple, $6.05,

7. Tracy Turnblad

Be it the 1988 or 2002 version, Hairspray is a film that speaks directly to the heart of many fat people. Tracy Turnblad is fat, but her weight is not the driving force of the film and at no point does she try to change who she is. Tracy even takes it upon herself to get her plus size mom out of the house and back into the public eye after Edna Turnblad gained weight and went into isolation. The costume is kitsch, and Tracy's approach to life as a fat woman sends a positive message. Plus, you get to wear a beehive.

'60s Princess Combo Wig, $12.34,

Plus Blouse (Available to Size 24), $33,

Pink Check Belted Skirt (Available to Size 20), $64,

8. Mama Morton

Mama Morton is the corrupt prison guard in Chicago who, played by Queen Latifah in the film, exudes confidence and sex for her song "When You're Good To Mama." She's in charge and she knows it, and dressing up as Mama Morton for Halloween would give you a chance to exude fat confidence (and wear a fierce flapper dress).

Plus Size Flapper Costume (Available to 8x), $49.99,

9. Latrice Royale

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Latrice Royale is "large and in charge, chunky yet funky" and she owns it. In fact, Latrice Royale is an excellent body positive icon for fat people, people of color, and the queer community. She even has a song about being fat and loving it. Because it takes a hell of a lot of guts to be a fat, black drag queen, Latrice Royale deserves to be celebrated for it. This costume is all about glitter and glamour, and there's even a Latrice Royale makeup tutorial you can follow to slay the look.

As for the outfit, grab the most sparkly item in your wardrobe and get ready to embrace your fabulous, fat body.

Paisley Sequin Catsuit (Available to 2x), $79.95,

Hopefully one of these fat people or characters has spoken to your soul at some point in your life, and you've gotten the inspiration you need to honor them with your Halloween costume. Now go ahead and shake your fat ass in as your favorite fat superstar — as all of them would probably tell you, life is too short to hide in the corner.

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