Who Is Amanda Knox's Fiancé? Netflix's New Documentary Hints At A Romance

Amanda Knox's personal life was made very public in 2007 when she and her Italian boyfriend were accused of murdering her roommate during a year abroad in Italy when Knox was just 19. The theory from the prosecution that got her convicted involved an alleged wild orgy and made Knox's sexuality, and therefore her personal life, public fodder. Since her conviction was overturned in 2011, followed by her exoneration in 2015, Knox has understandably been careful to keep her private life out of the public eye. Even as her case has continued to make headlines, her love life has not, yet in the new Netflix documentary Amanda Knox, it's mentioned that she's engaged. Who Amanda Knox's fiancé is isn't made clear from the doc, and that's likely due to its subject's desire for privacy.

Despite agreeing to appear in the new documentary, Knox rarely talks about her current personal life, save for the occasional mention of her former fiancé, who is not seen or heard from in the film. Those familiar with Knox's case might recognize that she was engaged to Colin Sutherland, an indie rocker, in 2015. Knox and Sutherland had reportedly been childhood friends, meeting in middle school only to reconnect years later as adults. Sutherland, a singer and bassist once in an indie band called the Johnny Pumps, is also an aspiring ghost hunter. (Yes, you read that correctly.) He reportedly wrote to Knox while she was imprisoned in Italy, according to The New York Post .

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's unclear how long Knox and Sutherland, pictured above after Knox's exoneration was declared official by an Italian court, were together before getting engaged. What is clear, however, is that Knox and Sutherland don't seem to be a couple anymore. When Knox filmed her interviews for the new documentary, she was definitely with Sutherland, as in an interview with The Verge, filmmakers Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn confirmed that they began filming in early 2014, with Knox's engagement being confirmed one year later. This suggests that Knox and Sutherland broke up sometime after filming stopped.

It appears that Knox is now dating Christopher Robinson, who was photographed accompanying her to the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of the documentary. Knox and Robinson don't share much about their romance on social media, but Knox did write about moving in with Robinson in her column for the West Seattle Herald. "This is a momentous moment in Chris's and my partnership. The coming together of homes has finally caught up with the coming together of minds and hearts," she wrote.

According to his website, Robinson is a writer who recently released a novel with co-author Gavin Kovite titled War of the Encyclopaedists . Robinson has yet to comment on the Netflix documentary or Knox's case publicly, and it seems likely he never will. But, that's probably for the best, as Knox's private life has been made public one too many times. I think she deserves to keep some things to herself.

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