Let The Stars Decide Your '90s-Themed Costume

If you're a '90s kid, living in a 2016 world, Halloween is an exciting time for you with '90s nostalgia at its all-time peak. Halloween is your chance to time travel, with an excuse. Everyone's dressing up, so you can too — and why not go in a Halloween costume of your favorite '90s character?

Personally, most of the Halloweens of my childhood were spent trying to petition my mother's firm decision that I was not allowed to dress up as Ren or Stimpy because they were too inappropriate for children. Never did I imagine as a child that either of those characters might one day be just as popular, if not even more revered, and have that instance coincide with my adulthood. I also never imagined that as an adult, I'd have a Halloween realization moment where I stop and say to myself, "I'm a grown up! I can be whatever I want to be! ... So I'm going to be a cartoon from my childhood."

Alas, to each her own '90s desire. If you're a '90s kid, or if you wish you were a '90s kid, these are some Halloween suggestions, based on your astrological sign, of course. Because why take chances? Follow your celestial destiny!


You're an independent woman and you're not so much into partner costumes. This is your chance to shine and focus on yourself. Dress up as Helga from Hey Arnold. She's your Halloween spirit vibe and if you don't feel like talking to people, just say you're in character. Helga wasn't a big chatter.


You like to go with the flow, you're an artist at heart. Which is why you should be Laney Boggs from She's All That — the before. Wear the overalls, the glasses, the *dreaded* pony tail, carry around some art supplies and spend your night being creative.


You've got a lot of energy and you're a naturally active personality type. This Halloween, get back in touch with the power of the Power Rangers. Be whatever color ranger you've always wanted to be. Karate chop your way through the night.


You're very practical and responsible and reliable. This Halloween, take a break, try something new on. Find your wild side and dress up as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. She's the opposite of put together and responsible. Put on a white button-down shirt and dance the night away.


You're the queen of double vision and need to be doing multiple things at once to keep your attention focused. This is exactly why you should not only dress up as Harriet the Spy, but you should also keep a notebook with you all night and take notes and try to find a mystery to solve — or create one.


You've got a big heart and you're a sensitive person. Dress up as someone who you can totally empathize with like Angela Chase from My So-Called Life. Take a dip down memory lane with some borderline gothic threads and your heart on your sleeve.


You love attention and you like competition. So instead of dressing up as something that people expect to see at a party, go for one of the Aaahh! Real Monsters characters and DIY it to the max. There's no one more attention grabbing than Oblina.


I know, I know, you like to be organized and you like things to be obvious and clear. Go for a costume that's super iconic and easy to plan like your favorite Spice Girl. Get all the accessories together and go all out. You'll feel relieved when people know who you are.


You're an easy-going person, you like to please people and keep things laid back and happy. You've definitely got some bohemian bones in you. Why not keep it going this Halloween by dressing up at Dawn from The Babysitter's Club movie?


You're very good at getting your point across and you have no issue telling it like it is. People appreciate your tenacity and your honesty. Dress up as Dionne from Clueless this Halloween and get your sass on. Dionne was a pro at speaking her mind and putting people in their place, all in good fun. Put on a plaid skirt and a tall hat, and get spicy.


You're a hard worker. And while you enjoy being plugged-in and ambitious, you're not that excited about Halloween because it stresses you out. Go for something easy this year so that you can cross your costume off the list early. Wear all black, put on some cat ears and call yourself Salem — you know, Sabrina's cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


You're an inquisitive person. Instead of dressing up as someone who asks a lot of questions, why not dress up about someone who people ask a lot of questions about: Where's Waldo? Put on some red and white stripes, a red cap and some glasses and make people wonder.

Images: Giphy, Nickelodeon