Swatches Of CoverFX Perfect Glow Highlighting Powders Will Get You Ready To Glow — PHOTOS

If you're all about those glowing cheeks, then listen up. It's time to get excited because CoverFX created powder highlighters that appear to match their Custom Enhancer Drops shades. That's right! On top of getting some serious liquid shimmer, you'll be able to shine bright with powders, too. What do the Perfect Light Highlighting Powders look like, you ask? They're have familiar names and shades that true beauty junkies will recognize right away.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, $42, Sephora

This summer was all about the highlight, and it looks like that's not stopping anytime soon. Remember those gorgeous liquid illuminators that the company created? Well, according to CoverFX's Snapchat, they're launching brand new powder highlighters to match three of their new liquid shades. Candlelight, Moonlight, and Sunlight are making comeback in a brand new formula. This is pretty major considering that it's the brand's first powder highlighter ever.

The company teased the release on social media. They showed pictures of the packaging and behind the scenes shoot before finally showing off the gorgeous powders. From the photos, the products look super soft and glow-y, but it's the swatches that really catch my eye. This is a great way to get the same colors as the liquid version, but in a less intimidating way.

The caption really does say it all. The powders are absolutely gorgeous. You don't have to wait much longer to get your hands on them either. According to their Snapchat, the three Perfect Light Highlighting Powders launch on Oct. 3 on the CoverFX site.

According to CoverFX's Instagram, the new formula is talc-free, which makes it creamier and brighter than other powders. It seems as if they've put a lot of hard work into making these the best that they can be. The swatches prove that they've done pretty darn well.

The swatches in order are Sunlight, Candlelight, and Moonlight. The color range is perfect for a variety of different skin tones. I can't wait to see how the look on the cheek!

Images: trendmood/Twitter (1); coverfx/Snapchat (1)