McD's Is Testing All-Day Breakfast Happy Meals

If you're a fan of McDonald's all-day breakfast, tell your inner child it's time to come out and play, because we have some exciting news: McDonald's is testing all-day breakfast Happy Meals. According to Grubstreet, they'll be available as a trial in 73 McDonald's locations, all based around Tulsa, Oklahoma. The launch is expected to begin on Sept. 26, so if you're in Oklahoma, you are totally justified in planning your Monday around this game-changing news.

While it isn't a nationwide roll-out just yet — whether that comes later will depend on how the test goes, obviously — it's definitely exciting if you're someone who loves all-day breakfast in kid-sized portions. Because who doesn't like the idea of an afternoon pick-me-up in the form of a pancake with maple syrup or McMuffin, complete with a prize inside, am I right? A rep for McDonald's tells Bustle that if this change to the Happy Meal menu goes nationwide later on, it will be the first time they've added new entree items to the restaurant's kid's meals in 30 years.

As of right now, the all-day breakfast Happy Meals come with some pretty solid options: Kids can select two plain McGriddles cakes or an egg and cheese McMuffin. For sides, choices include apple slices, hashbrowns, or Go-Gurt.

It's worth pointing out that the McDonald's breakfast menu in general has seen some pretty significant changes in the last couple of years. McDonald's first began testing all-day breakfast in March 2015, then dropped it nationwide in October 2015 (so yes, we're coming up on the one-year anniversary of being able to order hashbrowns whenever we want). To me, this trend suggests that there's a good chance these all-day breakfast kid's meals will actually take off and be available across the country. Because if there is anything we love, it's having more options, especially when it comes to our food.

According to McDonald's in a statement provided to Bustle, if the test goes well in Oklahoma, a national release could happen as soon as 2017. I'm counting down the months, guys. Counting down the months.

Images: McDonald's, Giphy (2)