This Awesome Medley by Girl's Quartet Proves Ladies Can Rock A Cappella Like Nobody's Business

In the wide and wonderful world of a capella, barbershop quartets are about the most awesome sub-group possible. And if you thought that they were just for dudes, think again. A video from the barbershop group GQ (for Girls Quartet) pretty much blows that theory out of the water — and blows us away while they're at it.

The video is a medley of the two barbershop classics "I'm Into Something Good" and "Happy Together," and neither song ever sounded so good. The girls don't hit one wrong note throughout, and the chords are so tight that the recording itself can't even handle it by the end (for higher quality recordings of their stuff you can check out their CD, which is available through their website). But the message gets across just fine anyway: these girls are awesome!

The four lovely ladies of GQ started singing together in Baltimore in 2011 and have been racking up awards at a capella competitions ever since. You can check out their YouTube channel that also has epic barbershop arrangements of songs by more modern artists, from Mumford and Sons to Imogen Heap. And their version of "Timshel" is off the hook, let me tell you.

So, yeah, for anyone who thinks that barbershop is all for the boys, let these singers change your mind.