Will Simone Biles Appear On 'PLL'?

You know what I love most? When pop culture spheres collide. For instance: Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles visiting the set of Pretty Little Liars . (I'm not sure if it would it be visiting or taking a moment to descend from the Olympic heavens to grace us mere mortals with her regal presence, so I'm gonna go with visiting for simplicity's sake.) Not only was it adorable, but it also offered us a look at how well Biles would fit in on that show. That's what crossovers are for.

That's right: Biles made everyone's hearts skip a beat on the set of the show that loves to keep viewers on edge, and honey, I'm here for it. Just looking over the photos from the set visit make me envision all of the wonderful conversations that probably took place. Did Biles get to chat with Troian Bellisario about the fate of Spoby? Did she learn all of the secrets about Mary Drake? Did I. Marlene King actually tell her who A.D. is? Guys, the suspense is killing me.

Whatever transpired that is not documented in photographic form may be lost to time, but this much is certain: worlds were definitely colliding. Of course, Biles' set visit represented a fulfilled invitation from King during the Olympics: When Biles was busy killing the gymnastics game in Rio, King reached out via her Twitter to invite Biles and the rest of the Fantastic Five to visit the PLL set. So, we can thank King for extending the invitation.

All of this hubbub has me wondering whether Biles' time on set was strictly about just meeting and greeting. Do you think she filmed a little scene, too? I know that if I were a director had the chance to turn the camera on her, I would jump on it. While Biles' teammate Laurie Hernandez is living her best life on Dancing With The Stars and Gabby Douglas' life story is being turned into a Lifetime movie, I think it's high time Biles began exploring her own talents outside the gymnasium. Why not start with a little cameo in Pretty Little Liars?

Even if the cameo never happens, it's moments like these — set visits with pop culture icons — that keep my heart warm. Goodness knows it's already helping ease the sting of waiting to see how Pretty Little Liars will wrap up in April 2017.