13 Clues That Spencer Is Actually A.D. On 'PLL'

by Amy Mackelden

The Pretty Little Liars midseason finale was exciting for so many reasons, but finding out that Mary Drake is Spencer's birth mother was the biggest reveal by far. With such a huge cliffhanger surrounding her parentage, it's clear that Spencer is going to play a central role in the final ten episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Sure, she may have ended 7A with a somewhat fatal looking gunshot wound (there was a lot of blood), but her story is definitely not over. And despite being wounded, there are still some clues that Spencer is actually A.D. on Pretty Little Liars .

We all have to wait a little longer than usual for the show to return from its midseason hiatus, with the second half of Season 7 not airing until April 2017. But that just means we have plenty of time to formulate theories about who A.D. is, and figure out this mystery once and for all. Showrunner I. Marlene King spoke to reporters on a conference call following the 7A finale and according to E! News she said, "It's definitely the driving engine for Spencer's emotional story as we come back next April." With Spencer's family life in such disarray, it would be easy to assume that she's the innocent party in all of this. But what if Spencer has been A.D. all along? Here are just some of the clues that suggest she could be.

1. Spencer Can Keep A Secret For Years

Way back in February 2014, Troian Bellisario told Wetpaint,

Spencer always has a big secret, but this is a big one. And, this is what’s so great about the show. They are unafraid to keep something like this for almost four seasons. We’re going to learn what actually happened the night Ali disappeared, and it’s going to be so fulfilling for fans who have been waiting years for it to all come together.”

While keeping a secret for a long time is what all of the Liars do best, Spencer is particularly stealthy when it comes to keeping information quiet. Her involvement in Alison's disappearance wasn't revealed until several years later, which goes to show that she'll keep crucial details to herself to save her own skin. With the latest revelation that Spencer is Veronica Hastings's daughter by birth (allegedly), it seems that Spencer is surrounded by lies, too.

2. She Doesn't Worry About Herself

All of the Liars have been through hell on numerous occasions, but the fact that Spencer isn't concerned about her own well being could be for one very simple reason. If Spencer is A.D. then she doesn't need to worry about herself anymore, because she's in control of everything.

3. She Joined The A Team In Season 3

Spencer said she was a double agent on the A Team, and that she joined to protect her friends. But what if this was just a smokescreen to detract from the fact that she's actually A.D., and always has been?

4. She Has Her Own Black Hoodie

And she wears it so well, don't you think?

5. Spencer Has An Implicit Need To Be In Control

Spencer could easily be described as a control freak. What if this aspect of her personality stems from the fact that she's secretly in control of everything? Her incessant need to be perfect at everything she does could have something to do with the fact that she's been lied to about her parentage. She's constantly striving to be the best, and this drive would easily translate into being A.D. as far as I'm concerned.

6. Spencer Had An Identity Crisis

At this point, which of the Liars hasn't had an identity crisis? Still, it's possible that Spencer's break with reality (which landed her in Radley and led her to her well-documented substance abuse problem), are all linked to the fact that she's living a double life.

7. She Believes In The Truth, Or A Version Of It, At Least

After graduating from Georgetown, Spencer became a Lobbyist. She has political aspirations, and is the consummate professional when aiding her mother's campaign. She understands the importance of presenting a strong public image, and can turn any story to her advantage. Basically, she has all of the skills necessary to be A.D. while still making everyone believe that she's just perfect-yet-normal Spencer Hastings. But the truth is going to come out eventually. When she wants it to, that is.

8. Spencer Makes Shady Decisions

From keeping details of Alison's disappearance secret for years, to dating her best friend's ex-boyfriend, Spencer can be completely shady. Plus, while Spencer's public image is so polished and sweet, let's not forget how many of Melissa's boyfriends she's kissed.

9. Her Relationships Are Questionable

I don't care how much she was attracted to him, Spencer shouldn't have hooked up with Caleb, and vice versa. Even with Hanna's approval, it should've been obvious that dating her best friend's ex was a bad move. But when it comes to relationships, Spencer seems to do whatever she wants. I'm as big a Spoby fan as the next person, but asking to kiss a very engaged Toby before he left was certainly a strange move. And you shouldn't forget that Spencer made out with Ian and Wren, when they were dating her sister Melissa. The men in these equations have to take some responsibility, but Spencer seems to get away with so much. Does she even know the difference between right and wrong?

10. She Was In Radley

Spencer was locked up in Radley, the place which most of those connected to A end up at some point — Mona, Charlotte, and Mary Drake have all spent time there. This link most definitely makes Spencer a key A.D. suspect.

11. Her Relationship With Melissa Could Be Important

Melissa has often been suspected as Uber A throughout the entire run of Pretty Little Liars, and always seems to be connected to sketchy characters. The fact that Melissa is living in England with Wren is the perfect alibi to hide behind. Despite the fact that Melissa and Spencer aren't blood relatives (at least paternally, probably), it's possible that they've been working together this whole time. What if Melissa and Spencer are both A.D., and they're seeking revenge on those who have made their lives hell?

12. Hanna's Dream Suggests Spencer Is In Charge

When Hanna was kidnapped and tortured in Season 7, she had a dream in which she spoke to Spencer. Hanna said, "I'm going to die in here," to which Spencer replied, "No, I won't let that happen." Could that be because Spencer is actually A.D. and in control of every situation?

13. Spencer May Know She's Adopted & That's The Perfect Motive

There were several clues that Spencer thought she was adopted throughout Season 7. From looking through family photographs, to her interactions with Mary Drake, Spencer seemed to be examining her life, and nothing ever surprised her as much as it should have. For instance, when Spencer met Mary Drake for the first time, she asked, "Have we met?" to which Mary replied, "A long time ago but you wouldn't remember." Clearly, Mary was hinting at Spencer's birth, but the exchange between them is so bizarre, it certainly feels as if Spencer is in on the secret. In fact, it gives her the perfect motive for being A.D. and could explain the events that have plagued Rosewood for seven seasons.

April 2017 seems a long time away right now, but it'll definitely be worth the wait. It's time we all found out who A.D. is once and for all, and I know who I'm putting my money on.

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