21 'O.C' Quotes That Will Inspire Your Love Life

Everything I know about love, I learned from my years watching The O.C . obsessively when I was a teenager. For instance, I found out that it's just plain great manners to carry your other half out of places whenever they're in trouble (like Ryan did for Marissa). I learned that long-term relationships take hard work, romance, and lots of bagels (like Sandy and Kirsten). And I discovered that making a stand and publicly declaring your love for someone is pure fire (like Seth to Summer). I also found out that you shouldn't do trust, like, anythings these kids did romantically, because they so constantly made terrible decisions. So, it's not too surprising to discover that there are plenty of quotes from The O.C. about love which not only inspire when it comes to love, but also simply make us viewers feel better about those times when our love lives go completely wrong.

Guyslove is tricky. Whether you're in a long-term relationship, dating several people, stuck on the swiping stage of a dating app, or going through the confusing heartache of a breakup, matters of the heart never get any easier. But thankfully, The O.C. was full of stunningly sharp snippets of dialogue which, in their own special ways, are capable of the power to make you feel better about whatever shape your love life is currently taking (or not taking, as the case may be). So, grab your Captain Oats figure and smear up a bagel for yourself, because we're going to indulge in some love life real talk right now — O.C. style.

1. When You Talk Yourself Into Accepting A Date Because You Haven't Been Out With Anyone For Weeks

Oh yeah, totally. This is going to be great, right? I'm just going to leave my phone out on the table here for the entire date just in case I happen to receive an emergency phone call at some point and need to immediately leave, OK?

2. When You Spy Your Date Through The Bar Window & Your Inner Dialogue Gets Super Loud

"Oh dang, and now I think he's seen me. Can I hide behind this Dumpster? Has he just seen me do that? Yep, he's definitely watching me doing this right now..."

3. When You Realize That Your Date Hasn't Had A Chance To Say Anything Yet

Well, there is one thing that can shut me up and it's called taking a long, gluttonous, nervous sip of wine.

4. When Your Pick-Up Lines Need Some Serious Work

Nailed it.

5. When You're Going Through A Tough Break-Up And Cute Couples Make You Sick

You try not to snarl at them but hell, you're only human, right?

6. When Someone You're Crushing On Feels The Same Way About You, And You're Just Like... Huh?

Is this really happening right now? What do I do? Should I smile?

7. When You Realize That You Have Zero Chemistry With Someone You're Crazy About

But both of you will simply shake hands, not discuss a single aspect of what went wrong, and possibly never see each other again.

8. When You Try And Justify Dating Someone That You Work With

Can, like, hanging out by the photocopier making kissy faces at each other be counted as our first date?

9. When Your Newly Single Friends Install A Dating App For The First Time Ever

You want to say, "Don't worry, it gets better," but you just can't lie to someone you love.

10. When You Try To Artistically Justify All The Names You Called Your Ex Last Night

"Poop-brained bore?" How about "mouth-breather?" Or "moronicus maximus?"

11. When You Confess To Your Friends That The Love Of Your Life Is Kind Of A Stranger

Do you guys think that maybe it's time to take this secret three-year "relationship" to the next level? And like, maybe say something to them?

12. When Someone Who Mistreated You Vows To Win You Back And You're Like... Ha, No Chance

You can't see me right now but I'm dropping the mic.

13. When You Haven't Dated For So Long That You Find Yourself Making Connections Based On The Tiniest Details

Like, they really like to sit on the couch and eat pizza, too. I think we might get married.

14. When Someone On A First Date Rudely Asks Why You And Your Ex Broke-Up And You're Like...

Otherwise known as: Emergency response tactic one — shut that conversation topic down.

15. When You Feel Stupid For Crying Over Someone Who Didn't Deserve Those Tears

I got so dehydrated from crying that week that I'm practically a raisin of a human being right now.

16. When You Try And Break Up With Someone In The Gentlest Way Possible

But, be honest, what you really want to say is: I thought I really liked you but I actually can't stand you anymore. Sorry not sorry.

17. When Your Best Friends Have To Confiscate Your Phone On A Night Out To Prohibit You From Drunk-Dialing Your Ex

Yet somehow you always manage to still find a phone and live under that dark cloud of regret thinking about it the next morning.

18. When The Person You Love Is So Wrong For You... But So Right

Sometimes someone is totally weird, not your type and beyond annoying, but damn if they aren't all you can think about at all times.

19. When The Wrong Person Professes Their Undying Love For You And You Wish That They'd Said Nothing

Come on, Tony. Just take those words you've just said, bundle them back into your mouth, and swallow them back down into that pit of silence where they used to live.

20. When You Realize That You're Happy Being Single (And That Pizza Is Bae)

Best relationship ever.

21. When You Finally Fully Understand The "Rules" Of Tinder, And You're Like "Mission Accepted"

If only we'd all always known that it was supposed to be this simple.

They were really onto something in Orange County back then, right? So, whether you're currently hurting, pining, crushing, dating, laughing or fretting your way through your love life, just know that you're not alone. We're all right there with you, honey.

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