How To Dress Your Baby Like Trump For Halloween

by Alex Gladu

Donald Trump won't find out if he can make America great again until Nov. 8, but parents who want to make Halloween great again (sarcastically or not) may look to Trump for some pre-Election Day inspiration. It's not for his anti-immigrant policies or his outspoken personality, but rather for his characteristic appearance and wardrobe. These Trump Halloween costumes for babies are undeniably cute and funny, no matter what side of the aisle you prefer.

Your baby probably won't master the New York accent or the affinity for the word "huge" any time soon, but that's OK. The first step in any Trump costume is, of course, to master the hairstyle. If your baby was blessed with voluminous blonde locks from birth, then all you'll need for this first step is a good comb. If not, you'll have to help your baby achieve Trump's toupee-like combover with one of the many imitation wigs out there for sale. This particularly cartoonish option from Etsy comes in kids' sizes, while this option from Amazon is size-adjustable.

Beyond the hair, you'll need to decide which version of Trump's wardrobe you want your baby to don. There's blue-tie Trump, striped-tie Trump, and, of course, the powerful red-tie Trump. Who are you kidding, of course your baby is the powerful and classic red-tie Trump. Then again, maybe you want to get more creative than Trump's typical suit-and-tie wardrobe allows.

Traditional Trump


"Traditional Trump" is the costume for no-nonsense babies. They can go from the boardroom to a press conference without missing a beat — and without having to change outfits. To get the look, pair your baby's Trump hair with a standard black suit, white shirt, and tie of your choice. (See above for why you should consider the red tie.)

Step 1: Find the right suit.

This five-piece formalwear set from Amazon could do the trick. Just save the vest and the black tie for those fancy cocktail parties around the holidays.

Step 2: Find the right tie.

Assuming you're after a red tie, consider this option from Littlest Prince Couture. It's Trump's signature color, and it's a zipper tie, meaning no tantrums while Mom or Dad is trying to wrestle with a real tie.

Step 3: Add an American flag pin.

Any true Trump baby should don a politician's American flag pin like this one from PinMart. Just remember to monitor your baby carefully while he or she is rocking this patriotic — but sharp — accessory.

Lunch Break Trump

If "Traditional Trump" isn't creative enough for your baby, add another meaningful accessory to the ensemble. For this outfit, refer to steps one, two, and three above, then find a McDonald's bag or container that your baby can use to collect goodies while trick-or-treating.

If you don't feel like heading to your nearest drive-thru window, this tote bag from Redbubble is a creative substitute.

Make America Great Again Trump

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When your tyke isn't feeling the suit ensemble, just find as much "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) apparel as you can. Combined with the Trump hairstyle, there will be no mistaking your baby's costume.

Step 1: MAGA Onesie

Zazzle offers a seemingly endless supply of Trump-themed onesies. They come in just about every color and style, so you can show some of your baby's personality along with Trump's mantra.

Step 2: MAGA Hat, Button, Etc.

If you're not opposed to directly supporting the Trump campaign, you may want to complete your baby's look with some official campaign swag. Trump's campaign website sells buttons — including those pictured above — and hats, among other things.

Trump With Security

Ty Wright/Getty Images News/Getty Images

These days, everywhere Trump goes, the U.S. Secret Service goes. Since you'll need to accompany your baby on Halloween anyway, why not complete the campaign look by dressing up yourself, too?

Step 1: Find the right suit.

If you don't already have a black suit or pantsuit you can wear, try this one-size-fits-most costume from Target. (You can also go to your favorite stores to find black dress pants and a blazer that you can wear again sometime.)

Step 2: Add black sunglasses.

In a pinch, any black sunglasses will do, but these costume glasses from Bartz's are just what any secret agent costume needs.

The Trump Train

You don't necessarily have to be on the Trump train to think that a baby dressed as the Trump train is cute, right?

Keep the MAGA hat — and the Trump wig, if you'd like. Then, add a train costume — trust me, they're a lot easier to find than they sound. This one from Toys "R" Us should do the trick.

The Trump Card

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This one may take more DIY effort than the others — but do it for the pun.

Step 1: Find a playing card costume.

Fair warning, this is probably a lot more difficult than finding that train costume. has a playing card costume for kids, but it may be too big for a baby. Bonus points if you get two pieces of poster board and string them together with yarn.

Step 2: Add Trump memorabilia.

Adorn your baby Trump card with MAGA buttons, stickers, or a hat. Then, meet your Halloween secret weapon.

Ivanka Trump

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If your baby is more Ivanka than Donald, ditch the suit and wig for a classier look. Trump's older daughter has become one of his most important allies throughout the campaign, as she has helped him to seem more moderate on many issues. In all her public campaign stops, Ivanka presents herself as classy and timeless.

Swap the Trump suit for an elegant white dress, like this one from Kohl's. Keep the Trump-themed button if you want to make the look a little more convincing.

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Thanks to Trump's wild and unconventional campaign, there are plenty of ways to get creative with a Trump costume. Regardless of your political affiliation, there's no shame in dressing your baby up as this election's controversial candidate. After all, if there's anybody who's going to look cute in a fake blonde wig and an obnoxious red hat, it's a newborn.

Images: Amazon; Littlest Prince Couture; PinMart; Redbubble; Zazzle; Donald J Trump; Target; Bartz's The Party Stores; Toys "R" Us;; Kohl's