Anna Kendrick Will Host 'Saturday Night Live'! And Oh Yeah, So Will These Other People

This is a pretty sweet lineup. Saturday Night Live has announced its hosting lineup for the next couple of episodes, and we've got a lot to look forward to. We've got SNL hosting vets Louis C.K. and Seth Rogen, as well as Anna Kendrick, who will host for the first time, but whose comedic and musical chops make her seem well suited for all sorts of material.

On March 29, Louis C.K. will navigate the show for his second time, followed by Kendrick (in her likely-to-delight debut) on April 5, and Seth Rogen, the most veteran of the three (this will mark his third time as host) will culminate the three-week run of new episodes on the April 12.

All of the musical guests for the coming weeks will be making their SNL debuts, as well. We've got Sam Smith, Pharrell, and Ed Sheeran, respectively.

So, with kickass, top-notch hosts — all of whom are more than ready for the job — and great musical talent, this new season has already been proving to be pretty good.

But what's on the wish lis for Kendrick's debut? HOPEFULLY we'll get to hear that voice of hers (even if she "never wants to sing again"), so something can tide us over til Pitch Perfect 2 or The Last Five Years.