11 Extremely Cool Wigs For Halloween 2016, Because Great Hair Is Your Best Accessory — PHOTOS

Halloween is almost here, and for the spookiest among us, it's a pretty exciting time. The best part of the holiday is pulling of the perfect costume. Depending on what you decide to be, you might need to hunt for some of the most over-the-top, wild, and unique Halloween wigs to complete your outfit.

Although some higher-quality wigs may come with a heftier price tag for your costume, think if it this way: If you know how to look after a wig, it can last you for many years and multiple costumes. If you learn how to style a wig too, then you can buy yourself some versatility. Instead of just wearing it for Halloween, you can wear it to the club on a Friday night because why not?

While you're on the hunt for the coolest, most unique wigs out there, consider the investment and just how crucial it is to your costume. Sometimes, your wig is the costume. It may feel decadent to spend more than $20 on a wig when your past wigs all came from drug stores or were included in your costume, but for the quality and originality of these pieces, the pricier ones are totally worth it and the low-cost wigs are too good to pass up.

1. Long Blue Braids

Long Blue Braided Wig, $54.07, WigsBuy

Though 50 inches of braids might be tough to grow yourself, you can grab the look in seconds with this wig. In terms of Halloween, this one would be perfect for for any kind of space babe or alien chick you might be conjuring.

2. Black To Blue To Pink Ombre

Black To Blue To Pink Party Wig, $61.99, Amazon

Learning how to wear a lace front wig will change your wig wearing ways forever, as the lace front serves to blend under your makeup and create a more realistic hairline — and the ombre color scheme is totally out there.

3. Spiky And Short

Short Golden Wig, $26.65, WigsBuy

Feel like you've stepped straight out of an anime with this perfectly spiked wig, in a super sweet peachy tone that stops the style feeling too severe.

4. Blue Black Boy Cut

Blue Black Short Boy Cut, $45, Dolluxe

If you do want an incredibly intense shorter do, this blue black number will fulfill all your anime needs in a darker tone.

5. Lady Gaga's Cans

Lady Gaga Cans Wig, $26.35, Amazon

Not only is this wig ridiculously cheap, but it harkens back to a time when Lady Gaga videos were 10 minutes long with their own storyline and a million outfit changes. Enough time has definitely passed for a throwback costume like this.

6. Pink Ponytail

Princess Dark Pink Ponytail Wig, $35.99, Epic Cosplay

Remember when Kylie Jenner wore a braided wig and everyone was astounded by the wig artistry behind the piece? She proved that not all wigs have to be loose, flowing hair — this perfect ponytail is just another example of how cool and different an undo wig can be.

7. Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess Wig, $60, Dolluxe

This amazing lilac beehive would be incredibly cool even if it wasn't referencing the sassiest (and best) Adventure Time character of all time. Whether you use this for a Lumpy Space Princess costume or not, it's an amazing wig either way.

8. Pop Art

Pop Art Girl Adult Costume Wig, $16.93, Costume Craze

The pop art makeup trend has definitely made the rounds, but on Halloween, you can take the look to the next level and get as elaborate as you please. This pop art wig will make your hair look perfectly illustrated — and the cut is pretty cute, too.

9. Raspberry Curls

Nicki Classic Wig, $35, Arda-Wigs

This wig is available in 13 colors, ranging from natural tones to totally ridiculous ones, like this raspberry color. The tight knit curls aren't a style you see often on wigs, which means this particular wig will definitely stand out in a crowd.

10. Mint Green Pigtails

Rhea Mint Green Wig, $45.99, Epic Cosplay

This wig may not seem out of place at a cosplay event but at the club, it'll definitely be one of the coolest wigs there. From its on trend pastel tones to the perfect curls, this wig will definitely give you a serious look.

11. Marie Antoinette

Deluxe Marie Antoinette Wig, $39.99, Amazon

This Marie Antoinette wig may seem like you could only wear it for a period costume, but wearing it with a more modern look could create some cool contrasts — maybe a Hipster Marie Antoinette costume? Imagine the possibilities.

Pair your cool wig with a contrasting outfit for an edgier look or conversely, or stay as true and authentic to your character as possible with a wig that perfectly replicates that character's look. Either way, be comfortable in the knowledge that no matter who or what you're dressed up as, your wig is the best one in the room.

Images: Courtesy Brands