13 Cheap Wigs For Halloween That'll Totally Transform Your Look — PHOTOS

With Halloween approaching soon, there's a good chance you've been thinking about what crazy, scary, or fun costume you want to wear this year. Halloween is one of the only nights of the year when you can wear whatever you want and transform into whomever you want. Whether you're going to be dressing up with your significant other, a squad of friends, or going solo this year, a cheap Halloween wig can totally complete your costume.

Instead of spending time trying to style your hair in a specific way from video tutorials, find a wig to match your costume because there are so many styles, lengths, and colors of wigs out there to choose from. But in case you do want to get creative and try styling your own hair into a crazy style, there are plenty of Halloween hair tutorials to help get you started. Don't forget about choosing what makeup will go with your costume and wig because there's also some amazing (and scary) makeup tutorials that will look like you had it professionally done.

Whether your costume inspiration comes from movie characters or different decades' fashion, you can find just about any kind of wig you need online. Here's some of the best-looking and afforadable wigs I found for some serious costume inspo:

1. Black Streak Phantom Wig

Black Streak Phantom Wig, $12.70, Amazon

For a spookier look, this wig would be perfect for any ghost, witch, or zombie costume.

2. Red Wavy Wig

Wavy Curly Cosplay Wig, $12.99, Amazon

Whether you want to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Jessica Rabbit, this 28-inch wig is a great costume wig.

3. Long Straight Hair Wig

Long Straight Hair Wig, $11.99, Amazon

If you're trying to find a wig to be Cleopatra, this is a longer, more modern version for the ancient Egyptian costume.

4. Wavy Curly Hair Wig With Bangs

Wavy Curly Hair Wig With Bangs, $15.99, Amazon

This wig has a 1970s vibe to it — perfect for a gogo girl costume.

5. 1950s Wig

Flirting With The '50s Costume Wig, $9.55, Amazon

Flash back to a 1950s diner with this flared bob.

6. Large Beehive Wig

Large Beehive Wig, $7.77, Amazon

Instead of attempting to pile your hair into a 1960s beehive shape, try a colorful wig instead.

7. Short Curly Wig

Yo Momma Curly Costume Wig, $11.44, Amazon

Channel your favorite Golden Girl with this gray granny wig.

8. Cruella De Vil Wig

Ms. Spot Wig, $11.71, Amazon

Bring back the 101 Dalmatians character Cruella Di Vil with this crazy hair.

9. Flapper Wig

Flapper Wig, $11.96, Amazon

For any Great Gatsby themed party, a sleek bob wig is a must.

10. Long Ponytails Wig

Long Ponytails Wig, $22.99, Amazon

For a bold, colorful Harajuku look, this ponytail wig is a modern option.

11. Rock 'N' Roll Wig

Rock 'N' Roll Wig, $15.63, Amazon

Embrace your inner rockstar with this fun wig.

12. Braided Wig

Long Women's Braids Wig, $17.99, Amazon

If you love Disney princesses, this Elsa-Inspired wig will complete your look.

13. Princess Leia Wig

Star Wars Princess Leia Wig, $13.74, Amazon

Represent the Star Wars movies old and new by channeling Princess Leia's infamous hairstyle.

Images: Courtesy of Amazon (13)