How Do Snapchat Spectacles Work? You Will Soon Be Able To Record Video With Just The Tap Of A Finger

The future is here, people: Snapchat has re-branded as Snap Inc. and is about to release sunglasses that have a video camera installed in them. (I know, right?! Technology is cool.) The company made the announcement just a few days ago, but in the meantime, we've gotten a pretty good idea of how Snapchat Spectacles work — and it's safe to say that they're much more than just your average fashion accessory.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, here are the basics in case you need to get caught up: Snap Inc. is reportedly releasing a limited number of Snapchat Spectacles sometime this fall. Apparently it's been working on the glasses for a couple of years now; they're going to cost around $130, and you can get them in black, teal or coral. They're meant to make creating Snapchat Memories even easier than it already is.

So, back to our original question: How exactly do Snapchat Spectacles work? Well, a 115-degree-angle camera lens is located on the side of the glasses frame which has the ability to record video for as long as 10 seconds. Simply tap on the glasses frames to start recording video. A light will glow for the duration of the video recording both behind the glasses (so you can tell if it's actually doing the job) and in front of the frames (so that other people will also be able to tell you're recording, eliminating the sketch factor). Want to keep recording even after 10 seconds? Just tap again.


Assuming you've got Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, every video clip then gets saved in your Snapchat Memories on the mobile app, so you can pick and choose what videos you want to share with others as part of your Story. As you view the footage on your phone, you can watch it horizontally or vertically.

Like any tech tool, the Spectacles have to be charged; luckily, though, they come with their own charging case and can last for an entire day before you have to charge them again (not too shabby, eh?). So the Spectacles aren't just accessible and affordable — they're easy to use and seem to be a lot of fun, too. To see how much juice your Spectacles have left, just double tap the frames.

For the curious, here's what video footage shot with Snapchat Spectacles looks like:

Spectacles on YouTube

I'm honestly pretty stoked to try these out, and I totally think Snap Inc. deserves a hand for being able to stay mum about this project for this long. It's such a genius idea because now people can live in the moment while also capturing a memory — and without having to use an extra limb to hold up the camera at the right angle at all the right times. I suppose the only downside is that you need to have a good idea of how long 10 seconds is; otherwise, the camera will stop recording before you might want it to. But with a bit of practice, it shouldn't be that hard to get used to. And I'm sure in the next few years, Snap Inc. or some other tech company will figure out a way to record video for a longer period of time. And who knows what's next? Contact lenses? One step at a time, please.

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