When Will Drake’s Short Film Be Available Outside Of Apple Music? It Will Be A Long Wait

The music video concept has seriously evolved in recent years. Following Beyoncé's Emmy-nominated visual album, Lemonade, the latest trend for popular artists seems to be merging the music off their latest albums with exclusive video content. As of Monday morning, the latest actor/musician to take on the challenge was the "Hotline Bling" rapper himself, Drake. Drake dropped his short film, Please Forgive Me , which was directed by Anthony Mandler and features music from his latest album, Views. While less personal than Beyoncé's Lemonade, the 21-minute film still means business, since it's only available for viewing on Apple Music. But, when will Drake's short film, Please Forgive Me , be available outside of Apple Music? As of right now, Drake fans don't have many other options.

The film stars the former Degrassi star as a gun-wielding hero who comes face-to-face with a crime boss. And, following the popularity of Drake's music videos across YouTube and multiple other forms of social media, I, personally, would like to see a more public release of Please Forgive Me. Unfortunately, details on any outside distribution for Drake's short film have yet to be announced. In fact — aside from the fan-made knock-offs of the film acting as clickbait across YouTube — fans can't even find so much as the film's trailer on Drake's official VEVO page.

Drake even taggedApple Music (@AppleMusic) in his initial Twitter announcement, making the 30-second trailer in the tweet the only publicly released segment of the film outside of Apple Music. So, could Please Forgive Me find its way onto another video streaming platforms soon?

While the 21-minute short may be too short for a streaming service such as Netflix, releasing it on his VEVO YouTube channel would make a whole lot of sense down the line. Even if, as of right now, everything is kept to Apple Music. And, considering Lemonade aired on HBO, perhaps some kind of television reveal could be on its way? A girl can dream — at least until an ounce of outside streaming hope is confirmed by Drake or his team.

But, for now, Drake fans must turn their attention to Apple Music. That's the only official location where you can view Please Forgive Me.