9 Things Only Ophiuchuses Understand

If you look to the stars for answers there may have been a slight miscommunication for the past, say... 2,000 years. In a post by NASA that caused a bit of a stir this September, it was revealed that there are actually 13 original zodiac signs instead of 12. According to this new information my birthday, which falls on Dec. 14, makes me something mysterious and difficult to pronounce: an Ophiuchus. While I have identified as a proud Sagittarius my entire life, after some serious self-reflection I'm ready to convert. The 13th sign is special for so many reasons (which we will get to shortly), and believe me, there are certain things that only Ophiuchuses understand. If your birthday falls between Nov. 29 and Dec. 18, you my friend, are a proud member of the freshest Zodiac sign to hit the streets since 1200 BC.

By now you are probably wondering, "If Ophiuchuses are so special, where has this zodiac sign been all our lives?" It is believed that the ancient sign was dropped by the Babylonians in order to make the Zodiac fit neatly into the structure of their 12-month calendar. Why Ophiuchus was chosen to be left out is still unclear, however we Ophiuchuses do tend to break the mold and have a flare for standing out. Astrologers have known about this sign for years, but (except for a minor blip in 2011) have willfully ignored its existence. Now, the new/old sign is finally experiencing the resurgence it deserves, and any Sagittarius and Scorpio who feels so inclined could make the switch.

If you feel like some traits assigned to your astrological sign simply do not fit your personality, then read on. The other 12 signs may have over 2,000 years of publicity and analysis, but we have a lot going for us too — just ask fellow Ophiuchuses Taylor Swift, Jamie Foxx, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Britney Spears! Boom!

Curious about joining the Ophiuchus club? Check out these things only Ophiuchuses understand:

1. Knowledge Is Power

Those born under Sagittarius as well as Ophiuchus have an incredible thirst for information. Whether it is the search for great universal truths or listening in on office gossip, you are always seeking to further your knowledge and understanding. Those identifying with the Ophiuchus sign love secrets and are themselves quite secretive. An Ophiuchus can come off as a bit of a know-it-all during a discussion or a debate, but you can't help but show off that wonderful brain of yours.

2. Bright Colors Never Go Out of Fashion

It is said that the Ophiuchus have a flare for dress, and flamboyant style. They gravitate towards bright colors and avant garde clothes — think David Bowie and Freddie Mercury rolled up into one astrological sign. Like those born under Sagittarius, who enjoy bohemian styles of dress, fun patterned fabrics, and cutting-edge fashion, Ophiuchus love to take fashion risks. Work!

3. Snakes Are Cool

The Ophiuchus constellation is known as the "serpent bearer." The boxy group of stars bisects the constellation Serpens, and illustrations often depict it as a well-muscled man in flowing robes wrestling a ferocious snake. The constellation is associated with the Greek mythological figure Asclepius, the god of medicine. According to the ancient legend, Asclepius was taught secret knowledge of healing by a wise snake, and became so adept that he could bring people back from the dead. In order to restore the world's equilibrium, Zeus struck down Asclepius and positioned him in the sky. The image of a snake wrapped around a staff, known as the rod of Asclepius, is still used as a symbol of medicine and health today.

... So, yeah, Ophiuchuses are pretty into snakes.

4. Always Question Authority

Ophiuchuses are rebels. They are not afraid to defy authority and fight for something they believe in. Forget about getting an Ophiuchus to blindly follow orders. Those born under the 13th sign love asking questions, and need to know why they are doing something before they do it. If you always seemed to wind up in the principal's office or in detention when you were a kid, you are probably an Ophiuchus at heart.

5. Everything Doesn't Always Have An Opposite

As the 13th sign of the Zodiac, Ophiuchus is unique in that it doesn't have an opposing sign. In some ways, the sign doesn't need an opposite, as its traits are fairly contradictory. Those born under this sign will be pulled in many directions though out their life. Ophiuchuses are deeply empathetic, yet independent. They dislike authority and fight rules, but still are driven to please people and to succeed. Ophiuchuses know that the only thing they can be is themselves.

6. Other People's Problems Are Your Problems

Ophiuchuses are often defined by their empathetic nature. They feel deeply for their fellow human, and have an easy time connecting on an emotional level. These traits make those born under the 13th sign natural healers — so if your major is still undecided, consider going pre-med.

7. Jealousy Can Be A Big Problem

You can enjoy the fiery passion that an Ophiuchus brings to a romantic relationship, but if you double-cross this sign, things will not go well. Because of the Scorpio-Ophiuchus overlap, Ophiuchuses have a jealous streak, which can be pretty difficult to keep in check. Ophiuchus are also often the target of jealousy, and envied by others. Ophiuchuses are known for being lucky in life, and this can inspire jealousy in others. The best thing an Ophiuchus can do is to keep it quite when things just naturally seem to go their way.

8. You Have To Leave To Find Yourself

Wanderers at heart, Ophiuchuses often hit the road at an early age. Like the Sagittarius, they have an independent spirit and long for adventure. Their quest for knowledge can take them all over the globe, and they often feel more at home traveling than being stuck in one place year after year. Ophiuchuses hate routine, so if you want them to stay put, they need to be challenged constantly.

9. Dreams Really Do Come True

Ophiuchuses are idealists and adept at interpreting dreams. People born under this sign can accomplish anything they set their minds to. I mean, the sign's patron Asclepius brought people back from the underworld, so ...

See, I told you being an Ophiuchus is special.

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