How To Download The TrendMooD App If You Want The Latest Makeup & Beauty News

If you love to stay up on the latest beauty product launches and trends, then you're probably familiar with the Instagram account and website, TrendMooD. Fans of the makeup news account will be happy to know that TrendMooD now has a smart phone app where you can search products, brands, and releases all in one spot.

For those of you who don't know, Instagram sensation Sophie Shab is the genius behind TrendMooD, which has become known for its breaking beauty news. The social media account reports on the newest and coolest beauty and makeup releases, sometimes even before the makeup brands themselves. Since its launch on Instagram in July 2012, the account has garnered more than 550,000 followers and its popularity just keeps on growing.

If you're interested in downloading the app, it's super duper easy. It's available for both iPhone and Android users on iTunes and Google Play. After you download the app, you may experience a few kinks in searching brands and products, but TrendMooD mentioned in an Instagram post that there are still issues to work out, but they plan on fixing it soon. Since brands are launching all of their holiday collections right now, it will be great to have the app so you can keep track of what products you want to add to your wish list.

You can turn on post notifications in your settings to make sure you get the latest updates from TrendMooD.

The app will feature news, a calendar, a brand list, and shop tabs so you can easily organize the products you want to mark for later.

The app looks like similar to an Instagram feed, which will definitely make for easy scrolling and viewing.

To download the free app, head to the iTunes or Google Play store now.

Images: Courtesy of TrendMooD (3)