The Best Feminist Tweets From The First Debate

At its best, Monday's presidential debate was 90 minutes of irreverent chaos coming to you live via one Donald J. Trump. At its worst, it was fat jokes and implied sexism. Fortunately, whether you watched or not, the feminist tweets from the presidential debate are the only play-by-play that you actually need.

Monday's debate was the first face-to-face showdown between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Given Trump's past comments about Clinton — including the ones where he holds her husband's adultery against her and claims she created ISIS — there was really no doubt that Trump would cross a line at one point or another during the debate. His insults on Monday may not have been as blatantly sexist as when he criticized Carly Fiorina's face during the primaries, but he still said Clinton doesn't have the "look" of a president, before pivoting to question her stamina. Then, after it was all said and done, Trump praised himself for not bringing up former President Bill Clinton's affairs during the debate. What a time to be alive.

Despite Trump's domineering and interruptive approach to the debate, most viewers believed that Clinton outperformed her opponent on stage, according to a CNN/ORC poll taken after the debate. Not only was Clinton the first woman to appear in a general election debate, but she was also the first woman to have "won" a general election debate. Now that's a time to be alive.

She hasn't won the real competition yet, but if these feminist tweets and post-debate messages are any indication, she could be well on her way.

The dialogue of the first presidential debate may not leave you very hopeful, but the feminist takeaways should. Once again, Clinton became the first woman in her position on Monday night — and by the looks of it, she came out victorious. She'll have to do it all over again next week, though, as the second presidential debate takes place on Sunday, October 9.