'Supergirl' Upstages Superman In The New Trailer

The introduction of Clark Kent — AKA Superman— on Supergirl becomes more and more real with each passing moment. The Man of Steel (played by Tyler Hoechlin) makes his National City debut in the newly released Supergirl Season 2 trailer. It should come as no surprise that all of the residents are nerding out over him, since he is an established hero in whose shadow Kara has struggled t. Though, according to his IMDb page, Hoechlin's Superman only slated to appear in two episodes during Season 2, his presence is seismically felt.

The trailer picks up in the aftermath of the Venture aircraft crash landing, and now,it appears that Supergirl will be teaming up with her cousin to defeat some type of new threat. She's pretty excited about the concept, telling him "I've dreamt of this moment. Both of us teamed up." As for the rest of Kara's friends and family? They are, um, ecstatic to welcome the new guy. The trailer teases a star struck Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) checking her teeth before the Man of Steel arrives, Kara’s adoptive sister Alex (Chyler Leigh) telling Supergirl how great her cousin smells, and Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) asking Superman how he shaves. I guess you could say Superman's a big deal in this town.

But, don't worry. By the looks of this trailer, doesn't appear that Superman will be impeding on Kara's turf or disrupting National City in a way that negatively affects her. Though he might momentarily steal her spotlight, she's still the bullet stopping, laser vision badass we all came to know and root for in Season 1. In fact, seeing Superman by her side only makes us appreciate Kara's own strength. Not only can she hold her own amongst one of the greats, she actually has the power to upstage him. Yeah, Supergirl out-superheroes Superman.

In the final moments of the teaser, the two cousins see a "Supergirl saves the day!" headline on TV. Kara playfully asks Superman "Doesn't bother you that I got top credit on this one does it?" and then, as final punch, pries, "Not even a little bit?" Wait. Could they make Superman — the ultimate National City superhero — jealous of his little cousin? Now that would be an unexpected power dynamic worth watching.

Make sure to catch the bespectacled hero when he flies into National City on October 10, because it seems like his appearance will only serve to make our girl Kara even better than she already is.

Images: The CW