Hep Alien Is Coming To The 'GG' Fan Fest

Considering how many bands from the late '90s and early '00s are reuniting on tour, it only makes sense that one of television's most beloved bands plans to reunite in 2016 as well: Stars Hollow's very own Hep Alien. Lane Kim (Keiko Agena), Zack Van Gerbig (Todd Lowe), Brian Fuller (John Cabrera), and Gil (Sebastian Bach) rocked the souls of every church around and even helped ring in the votes for Stars Hollow's newest town chairman. And now, the number of celebrity guests at the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest has increased to include most of the band. The three-day festival taking place from Oct. 21 to Oct. 23 in Washington Depot, Connecticut, is sure to delight fans of the show for more reasons than one. Because, although not confirmed, another Gilmore Girls Hep Alien reunion is totally possible — and worth keeping your fingers crossed for.

Among those confirmed to make an appearance at the Fan Fest are three of the four members of Hep Alien: Lane, Zack, and Brian. I'm already holding out hope that we might get a performance. Since the exact details of the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest panels and events won't be confirmed until Oct. 1, the current rundown for the festival is up to fans' imaginations. The coordinators have hinted that the event will include "cast workshops, which adds to the uniqueness of this festival." So... Hep Alien concert? A music seminar taught by Lane, Zack, and Brian? An official release of a Hep Alien fan CD? All totally reasonable ideas, if you ask me.

Since Sebastian Bach (Gil) is still not confirmed for the event, it wouldn't be a true, complete reunion, so why are my hopes still so high? Well, Hep Alien has managed to stay close to each other (and their music) over the years, and, most of time, their reunions have only included the bands three original, core members: Lane, Zack, and Brian. In October 2014, John Cabrera shared news of an impromptu band practice featuring the three members with an adorable reunion picture on Twitter. And, in June 2015, the band's three core members put in an appearance at the AXT Television Festival. And it wasn't just your regular panel-filled appearance. It was an appearance that included, you guessed it, a live set.

Sadly, tickets for the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest sold out in a number of hours, so any possible panels or performances will have to be relayed over social media for those us without tickets. But, for those lucky enough to be going to the event, take in every moment with the members of Hep Alien that you might get — even if a highly-anticipated musical performance doesn't come along with the territory.

Images: Warner Bros. Television