When Do Bitter Lace Beauty's Halloween Highlighters Go On Sale? Here's The Date And Time To Know

It's not often that the makeup world celebrates All Hallows Eve. Most brands skip right over the fall holiday and go straight into winter. Well, not this time. Bitter Lace Beauty created five Halloween Highlighters that are nothing like you've ever seen before. With everything from powders to highlights that keep on the spooky theme, you won't want to miss this one-time launch. When do the Halloween Highlighters go on sale, you ask? Mark your calendars for Oct. 1, because they won't be around for long.

If you're not in the fall spirit yet, you will be after seeing these highlighters. The company that created the rainbow highlight is at it again with the quirky products. Bitter Lace Beauty's Halloween Highlighter Collection has everything from classic cheek shine colors to something for the unconventional beauty lovers out there. Believe me when I say that the prints and colors are unlike anything you have in your makeup bag.

From candy corn hues to blood splattered powders, these five highlights are absolutely spot on for the holiday. You'll definitely want to be sitting by your computer on Oct. 1 at 3 pm EST, because something tells me that these will fly off the virtual shelves.

Not to mention that this will be your only time to purchase the collection. Since these are handmade, there's a good chance that the company won't have time to restock before Halloween. Fingers crossed that they made enough for everyone to get their hands on.

According to their Instagram, the powders will be $28 each and the liquid shine will be $30. Each will come with a limited-edition red and black compact to put your powders in. The liquid product is in a skull-shaped glass bottle with a dropper. I'd say it's definitely worth the price.

That's not your only shopping option though. If you like them all, you can buy the bundle for $132. That breaks down to about $26 per item, which is a savings of $2 per product.

Not all of the highlighters are unconventional either. While the Hocus Pocus is a mixture of green and purple colors, Toothache is a mixture of golds that aren't too far out of the cheek shine comfort zone.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of these. There's no telling how many are in stock or how fast they'll go, so I'd be waiting by your computer ready to purchase!

Images: bitter.lace.beauty/Instagram (1)