9 Effective Sweat-Proof Skin Care & Makeup Picks

I’m a winter girl, through and through, and while that’s partially because the holidays are my jam and my birthday’s in January, it’s mostly because I absolutely loathe sweating. I hate taking the time to do my hair and makeup only to melt minutes later, so beauty products and makeup for sweaty people is a definite interest of mine during the inevitable hot months (and inside warmer rooms). Sweat-proofing your makeup is a pretty useful skill, especially given the fact that tips to stop excessive face sweating are more in demand than you might think. Yep. You’re not alone, fellow perspirer.

Let’s start with the bad news. While there are products out there that block the sweat pores on your face in the same way that antiperspirants block sweat under your arms, I’m not about them. Most of them use aluminum to physically clog your glands, and given that I think sweating is a natural function that’s essential to detoxification, I opt for aluminum-free deodorants that actually work through absorption instead. Now onto the good news: There are tons of natural products that help to stop facial sweating and oil build-up, and a lot of them are really convenient and affordable. Check out some of the best options right here.

1. Start With A Matte Cream

Murad Oil-Control Mattifier, $28, Amazon

Before you even think about applying your makeup, a mattifying cream can seriously help you reduce your sweating throughout the day. This Murad oil-control mattifier is made with a whole bunch of botanicals that help control oil and shine for up to eight hours, and it helps to hydrate and soften while preventing breakouts and protecting skin from sun damage.

2. Tone Your Face With Witch Hazel

Quinns Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel, $15, Amazon

Witch hazel is another preemptive way you can control sweating before you apply your makeup, and this Quinn's alcohol-free witch hazel works wonders. Not only does it help to cleanse and tone, but the included rose petal and aloe vera keep you feeling particularly fresh without being overly drying. It’s also alcohol-free and entirely natural, meaning that it’s great for even the most sensitive skin.

3. Absorb Sweat With Kaolin Clay

InstaNatural Mattifying Facial Toner, $15, Amazon

Made with kaolin clay, the InstaNatural mattifying facial toner is extremely absorbent. It soaks up oil and sweat to keep your face matte and fresh, and it helps to tone and clear your face, as well as set your makeup. It’s a great option for people who find other toners particularly drying (which exacerbates the issue, as the body produces more moisture to compensate), and people are saying it’s hands down the best they’ve ever used.

4. Apply A Powder Underneath Liquid Foundation

Lagure Translucent Powder, $10, Amazon

An apparently very effective way of dealing with this issue is to apply a translucent powder underneath your liquid foundation. It creates an absorbent barrier that soaks up sweat before it can get to your makeup. This Lagure translucent powder is an awesome option because it’s got micro-fine loose powder pigments that make for smooth, natural-looking coverage that soaks up everything and won’t cake up.

5. Blot Away Sweat And Dead Skin Cells

Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Cleansing Cloths, $15, Sephora

While most perpetual face sweaters reach for Starbucks napkins and cloths, these Ole Henriksen 'grease relief' cleansing cloths are way more effective while on the go. Not only does natural eucalyptus help to purify your pores, but the textured cloths exfoliate and dissolve dead skin cells, which hold onto the sweat.

6. Feel Matte & Sweat-Free All Day Long

Etude House Dear Girls Oil Control Pact, $7, Amazon

People are totally loving this Etude House 'Dear Girls' oil control pact, worn both over makeup or without it. It works for both sweat and oil to keep you shine-free and dry all day long. Reviewers also say that it smells amazing, and while it’s very absorbent, it won’t leave you feeling overly dry or under-moisturized. Instead, it feels weightless and clean.

7. Absorb Moisture With Green Tea

Natural Green Tea Oil Absorbing Tissues, $12, Amazon

Blotting paper is another amazing option, like these natural green tea oil absorbing tissues, which are made from 100 percent natural linens and green tea extracts. They’re super absorbent and help to pull sweat and impurities out from the pores using no artificial ingredients whatsoever, and reviewers are totally raving: “When the day's gone long and a little bit sweaty, I'm grabbing this product to quickly take the funk off my face. They're the best.”

8. Set Your Makeup For Sweat-Free Wear

Pure Bliss Makeup Setting Spray, $12, Amazon

Once all is said and done as far as your makeup routine, a great setting spray can help keep things in place despite all the sweat. The Pure Bliss makeup setting spray is fast-drying, never sticky, and made with a handful of herbal extracts that keep everything matte and fresh from morning until night. People are saying they have no idea how they lasted for so long without it.

9. This Sunscreen Goes On Like A Liquid Powder

Biore Bright Face Milk Sunscreen, $14, Amazon

While it might seem a little counterintuitive, people are saying that this Biore 'Bright Face' milk sunscreen makes all the difference, as far as facial sweat. Despite the fact that it goes on like a cream and keeps your face protected all day, it wears like a powder to keep your face dry and sans-oil all day long, even under makeup. “Non-greasy, no odor, no white cast look! It absorbs quickly and spreads evenly,” one happy reviewer says.

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