11 Incredible '90s Brands You Wish Still Existed

by Gina Jones 2

There's no denying that '90s style has a firm foothold in current fashion, and finding authentic '90s pieces in thrift stores, your mom's house or online can give us a sense of nostalgia for the decade. In fact, this is the only way most people can find '90s fashion brands that don't exist anymore: The vintage '90s brands we loved and adored 20 years ago that only get remembered when you find a Contempo Casuals label in a discount bin.

Who knows: Maybe if we all hold hands and remember hard enough, with just a pinch of pixie dust, we may be able to will these '90s fashion brands into existing again. Regardless of whether or not magic actually exists, it's still going to be fun to look back on the '90s stores we wish were still around today.

From the totally tween vibes of Limited Too, to the sexy heels your mom wouldn't let you buy from Wild Pair, this list is a trip down memory lane for any '90s kid. It can even serve as a test to find out if you're a true '90s kid - do you even remember these brands from shopping trips with your mom? Even if you can't really, these stores are sure to bring back some sweet nostalgia for a time when the only way to get new clothes was a trip to the mall.

1. Contempo Casuals

Contempo Casuals Sweater, $36,

A '90s brand so iconic it was even mentioned in Clueless, Contempo Casuals was the ultimate in popular girl clothing. Contempo Casuals was sold to Wet Seal in 2001, which is why you won't see the much loved '90s (and arguably '80s) brand around today.

2. X-Girl

X Girl T-Shirt, $33.90,

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon released a clothing line called X-Girl in the '90s in an attempt at "guerilla fashion." This brand was all about being a cool girl - not specifically popular, but definite Chloe Sevigny vibes. The store sold itself to a Japanese brand in 1998 but a hard look on resale sites like Etsy or eBay will occasionally turn up an authentic X-Girl item to add to your wardrobe now.

3. Bongo Jeans

White Bongo Jeans, $36,

Bongo Jeans were the ultimate in '90s denim and definitely played into the high school hierarchy of having the right labels: If your jeans weren't emblazoned with a "B", what was even the point? Unfortunately the brand was usurped by Iconix Brand Group in 1998 and lost all credibility.

4. Limited Too

Limited Too Fuzzy Sweater, $32,

Limited Too was entirely for tweens, but looking back don't you wish you could have stocked up on inflatable backpacks while you had the chance? Limited Too managed to last longer than a lot of the other '90s brands on this list, and didn't close up shop completely until 2008.

6. Wild Pair

Wild Pair Heels, $20,

The clue's in the name: Wild Pair stocked some truly wild types of shoes. If only we could go back and buy all the heels our moms wouldn't let us buy back then. While Wild Pair still actually exists as a brand, it no longer exists in America — Wild Pair only sells currently in New Zealand.

7. Bugle Boy

Bugle Boy Striped Shirt, $28,

Bugle Boy was for guys in the '90s what Contempo Casuals was for girls - a brand guaranteed to deliver on trend clothing for your gender. Known especially for their catchphrase, "Are they Bugle Boy Jeans you're wearing?" this is one '90s brand it's hard to forget.

8. Casual Corner

Casual Corner Jumpsuit, $45,

Despite the name, Casual Corner is actually one of the more formal brands on this list. But unfortunately for Casual Corner, times changed, fashion changed and the store just couldn't keep up — Casual Corner went into liquidation in 2005.

9. Warner Bros

Looney Tunes 1996 Jacket, $52,

Of course, Warner Bros are still doing incredibly well. What is missing, however, is their '90s run of clothing that featured all your favorite Warner Bros characters straight from the company itself. It was a peak time for fashion and one that needs to return, if you're reading this Warner Bros: We want you back. The brand lasted from the beginning of 1991 all the way to 2004, which means Warner Bros clothing is well due a comeback.

10. Cross Colours

Cross Colours Sweater, $25,

Cross Colours was an LA brand that was loved by TLC in the '90s, which meant you probably loved it just as much - if not more. In the mid '90s, the brand had to go into liquidation. But in 2014, there were rumors Cross Colours would return - so fingers crossed this is one clothing brand we will actually see come back from the '90s.

11. Milk Fed

Vintage Milk Fed T-Shirt, $25,

Milk Fed was director Sofia Coppola's clothing line in the '90s, which is, TBH, one of the most '90s sentences ever written. The brand was all about the cool girl and slogan tees and was a total hit amongst celebrities. Unfortunately, the fun didn't last long and nowadays Milk Fed is exclusively sold in Japan.

If it hasn't already, this list is sure to send you searching resale sites and thrift stores for the long lost labels of your youth. Or if you're lucky enough to still be holding on to some genuine '90s vintage, get on your social media and show off how your '90s authenticity is better than anyone else's.

Images: JON LEVY/AFP/Getty Images; Courtesy Brands