All '90s Kids Did These Things At The Mall

Ah, the mall of yesteryear: The site of many an ill-fated excursion to popular chain stores. The site of stomachache-inducing trips to the food court. The site of spending sprees at Claire's and cinnamon sugar pretzels from Wetzel's Pretzels (or Auntie Annie's, if that's how you rolled). Yep, back in the day, there were certain things every '90s kid did at the mall — and many of them are quite nostalgia-inducing.

After all, these were the days before Forever 21 took off — the days before Sephora was the must-see destination; this was even before Juicy Tubes (not to mention Juicy Couture) came on the scene. No, this was back in the days of Skip-Its and Moon Shoes; the days of Pokemon and Legends of the Hidden Temple. The days before everyone had a cellphone, and email addresses were still something of a novelty. As we get sucked into the all-consuming wormhole that is '90s nostalgia, however, let's take a look at some of the biggest mall destinations of the day.

Were you a Limited Too girl? Or were you more about Bebe? Read on to relive some of your old faves.

1. Ate All The Orange Juliuses

Liquid creamsicle perfection.

2. Bought A Billion BFF Necklaces At Claire's

Ah, the magic of Claire's. Bonus points if you also got your ears pierced here.

3. Went On Your First Date

Panda Express followed by hand-holding? Where do I sign up?

4. Hit Up Limited Too At Least Once Per Trip

I remember those sporty rhinestone-encrusted pastel long-sleeved tops all too well...

5. Shopped For Grown Up Clothes At Bebe

If you had aged out of Limited Too, chances are you bragged about your Bebe purchases to your fellow eighth graders.

6. Bought Lots of Beanie Babies

Nothing could eclipse my joy the day my uncle bought me a limited-edition Peace Bear Beanie Baby at one of those mall stands.

7. Dug Contempo Casuals

Ah, the store so famously referenced in Clueless (younger '90s kids might be more familiar with the brand that replaced it, Wet Seal).

8. Bought Candy From the Quarter Machines

Malls today still have these, but they're not nearly as prevalent as they were in the '90s.

9. Gobbled Mrs. Fields' Cookies

To this day, I hold my own baking to Mrs. Fields' standards. (This recipe will yield cookies just as chewily delicious, in case you're interested).

10. Bought Candy From Sweet Factory

Just thinking about it makes me feel all Gollum-y.

11. Hunted For A Signature Scent At Bath & Body Works

Ah, the body splashes...

12. Thought Cinnamon Sugar-Dusted Pretzels Were A Big Deal

Dipped in butter, and subsequently rolled in cinnamon sugar? Yes, please.

13. May Or May Not Have Loved Hot Topic

I dare you to deny the fact that, once upon a time, you thought Hot Topic was cool. You know, before it was the butt of all the Suicide Squad jokes.

14.Visited Abercrombie & Fitch...

... And thought it smelled amazing. And you basically couldn't get any cooler than their logo'd sweatshirts.

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