'My Husband Is Missing' Joins A Lifetime Tradition

Anyone who is well-versed in Lifetime movies (aka one of the best ways to spend a Saturday night, in my humble opinion) knows that the network has two specialities — stories that are ripped from the headlines and the plot device of a missing person. When it comes to the latter, the network's Oct. 1 movie My Husband Is Missing is no exception. However, the missing person is a man this time, which is a little different than most of Lifetime's movies. The missing person, whether real or fictional, tends to be a teenage girl — and her mom often happens to be a member of law enforcement who is warned to stay out of the case but defies orders and saves her child's life. So, My Husband Is Missing is shaking things up a bit by focusing on a missing adult man. This is a departure from the usual formula, but is Lifetime's My Husband Is Missing based on a true story?

According to the movie's official synopsis from Lifetime, "[a] woman finds herself and her teenage daughter in danger when she helps the police investigate the kidnapping of her husband." Based on Lifetime's website and the very brief trailer, there's no indication that the movie is inspired by real life events. But, if you love My Husband Is Missing and want to have a marathon of "missing people" movies, Lifetime has got you covered. Here are six recent movies from the network that you'll want to watch:

1. Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story

The network's 2015 movie Kidnapped told the story of Hannah Anderson was inspired by the true story of Hannah Anderson. The California teenager was abducted by a family friend after he murdered her mother and younger brother, and the movie depicts her days spent in captivity and subsequent rescue after a horseback riders spotted she and her abductor in the woods.

2. Stolen Daughter

Stolen Daughter, which is not based on a true story, focuses on a mother who takes a break from her job as a missing children detective. When her own daughter is kidnapped, the department orders her to stay out of the investigation — so she naturally does the opposite and uses all her resources and expertise in an effort to find her daughter.

3. Gone Missing

In another Lifetime movie about women taking their missing family members' disappearances into their own hands, two teenage girls disappear while on spring break. Both mothers head to San Diego to investigate, and they race against the clock in an effort to save their lives — but they uncover plenty of their daughters' secrets in the process.

4. Missing At 17

Missing at 17 focuses on Candace, a teenager who is furious when she learns that her mom never told her that she was adopted. She runs away to search for her biological mother and accepts the help of a young man who has malicious intentions. When it becomes clear that Candace is in serious danger, her adoptive and biological mom join forces in an effort to save her.

5. Girl Missing

In the creepy movie Girl Missing, Jane believes she's an orphan until her mom comes back into her life with an invitation to the family's estate. She quickly learns her life is in danger due to a murder plot designed by a villain who is out for her family's fortune.

6. 16 And Missing

In another instance of a mom doing everything she can to save her daughter, 16 And Missing tells the story of Abbey, a lonely teen who is frustrated with her home life and turns to a young man she met in an online chatroom. When she runs away from home to meet him in person, he's not who claims to be and Abbey's life is in danger. Luckily, her mom is an FBI agent and (you guessed it!) quickly takes action to find Abbey despite being warned to stay out of it.

If you love My Husband Is Missing and want to see more movies about women who will stop at nothing to save their loved ones, Lifetime has no shortage of movies to marathon.

Images: Lifetime (7)