When Is ColourPop's Studio 1400 Quad Coming Out? Get Those Wallets Ready

You didn't really think a week would go by without this company launching a new product, did you? As if the Fall Edits weren't already enough, ColourPop has a Studio 1400 Quad. That's right! On top of everything else, the company is launching four new eye shadows. When does the Studio 1400 foursome come out? According to an insiders Snapchat, these babies will be here soon.

As soon as ColourPop posted a video of this quad to their social media sites, the beauty world went crazy. People were dying to know what was inside and when it would come out. Well, the answers are slowly coming out. Although the company didn't announce many of the details, Jordynn Wynn, who is a familiar face to any ColourPop fan, took to social media to get the word out.

Wynn was getting ready in the car on her way to an event and said she would be using the new Studio 1400 Quad. She even gave a mini tutorial using two of the shadows. That's not all either. Wynn announced the launch date — Sept. 29. That's super soon, guys! There's no telling exactly what time it will be available yet. If it's anything like the other launches, it will be sometime around 1pm ET.

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and it turns out so are the shadows. Wynn only showed two of them on her Snapchat, but I'm sure the other two are just as stunning. One of the shadows was 8 Tracks, which is a metallic dirty gold hue. The other is Static, a bright plum that's perfect for fall.

The news comes at an exciting time too. ColourPop just announced that all of their quads would be $18 from now on. That includes new and existing shades, so you already know how much money to set aside for the Sept. 28 launch.

I can't wait to see the two other shades. Fingers crossed that they share more swatches before the big day!

Images: jwynnc/Snapchat (2), colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1)