Samuel L. Jackson Dishes On His Marvel Future

Between the thrilling introduction of Black Panther and the heartbreaking bromance between Captain America and the Winter Soldier, audiences watching Marvel's newest film, Captain America: Civil War , barely had enough time to catch their breaths, but they still noted the absence of S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain. Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in almost every single Marvel movie since Iron Man (2008), so when Iron Man and Captain America declared war against each other, many expected his character to step in and bring the peace and were disappointed to see him M.I.A.. But with his absence in that movie, will Samuel L. Jackson be in more Avengers movies? It's looking likelier by the second.

"I think I am, yeah," Jackson tells Bustle while promoting his new film, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. "From what I hear, I'm heading back to 3 and 4 and who knows." You read that right — according to the actor himself, Jackson will be in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War (the third Avengers film) and the fourth film, previously titled Avengers: Infinity War Part II. With S.H.I.E.L.D. no longer an active government agency, and Fury legally dead, it's unclear how Jackson's super spy will get back into the Avengers fold, but fans will just have to wait and see.

If Fury is, indeed, making his return in Infinity War, it would make a great deal of sense. After all, the Infinity War villain is Thanos, an alien warrior who was behind Loki's attack on New York in Avengers. Who of the Avengers (other than Thor) knows about Thanos better than Fury? Furthermore, Fury was the one who brought the Avengers together in the first place. With the Avengers fractured post-Civil War, who better than him to bring them all together again?

But, what about other Marvel movies? Will Fury just pop up in Avengers films, or will he also make appearances in other, solo Marvel movies? Well, if Jackson has anything to say about it, Fury won't be stuck solely in the world of the Avengers. "Captain Marvel, I don't know. I'd love to work with Brie [Larson] again, that'd be awesome," Jackson says. The recent Oscar winner, was cast as Captain Marvel just this summer, and it's rumored that she will make her Marvel debut in Avengers: Infinity War. However, Larson, who will star with Jackson in next year's Kong: Skull Island, is also set to headline her own Marvel movie, Captain Marvel, to be released in 2019. Jackson's specific naming of Captain Marvel in his talk with Bustle suggests that he could be planning on returning for more than just the next two Avengers films.

If Jackson does appear in the next two Avengers films (the final two scheduled in Marvel's Cinematic Universe) and Captain Marvel, that means that Jackson will have extended his contract with Marvel. Jackson originally signed a contract for nine MCU films, which he will have fulfilled with the fourth Avengers film. So, any film beyond that, including Captain Marvel, would mean a new contract for Jackson and Nick Fury.

Of course, Jackson isn't giving any details, and maybe his vague "I think I am" answer is all the confirmation fans will get about Nick Fury's return to the MCU. Whatever the case, we'll all have to be OK with waiting a few years to find out.

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