This Is The Best 'GG' Revival News Yet

Good news, Gilmore Girls fans. While the rest of the world has grown up in the nine years since Gilmore Girls was last on the air, it sounds like the show itself has done some maturing too. Now that the series s returning with four revival episodes on Netflix in November — the streaming service that is a bit more forgiving when it comes to things like swearing and sex — it sounds like Luke and Lorelai are going to get hot and heavy in the Gilmore Girls revival. And isn’t that what fans have really been waiting for all these years?

I mean, sure. We’ve all been waiting for a conclusion to the Luke and Lorelai love story in general. But, after all those years of sexual tension, it really is time that these two get together and have a number of “intense adult scenes.” At least, that is what Scott Patterson is calling them in an interview with Entertainment Weekly at a pre-Emmys party. Patterson all but confirms that Luke and Lorelai are together and that they are making up for lost time with scenes that are far from G-rated: “There are definitely some fireworks there. We did some really intense adult scenes.”

But what exactly does Patterson mean by “fireworks”? Well, exactly what you’re thinking from the sound of it. He talked openly with Entertainment Weekly about the hot and heavy scenes fans can expect from the revival, saying that, “There has been sexual tension [between Luke and Lorelai] for a long time.” And, after a few not so subtle comments about said sexual tension, Patterson dove in deep, saying that the tension “will be addressed again, and again, and again.”

Um, we get it, Luke.

Really, Patterson couldn’t have made it any more obvious: it sounds like Luke and Lorelai might get it on big time in the Gilmore Girls revival. After seven seasons and nine years of waiting to see how their love story would end, having them wind up in the sack seems like one of the most perfect ways to bring a sense of closure and… ahem… contentment to their relationship.

Image: Warner Bros. Television (2)