The Morphe x Elena Gant Little Palette Swatches Show That These Beauties Are Must-Haves — PHOTOS

Morphe Brushes have been a powerhouse in the world of makeup for some time now. Whether it's a new YouTuber raving about their brush line or massive new palettes debuting for incredible prices, Morphe is on top of their game. Now, the Morphe x Elena Gant Little Palettes are only solidifying the brand's commitment to affordable, high quality products. One look at swatches from gurus like Jaclyn Hill and Nikkie Tutorials, and you'll be running over to the Morphe website to snatch up these perfect palettes.

Morphe's Pro Palettes have long been a favorite of beauty influencers and cosmetics junkies. The palettes typically contain a whopping 35 shadows and ring in around $22.99. The Little Palettes, though, are markedly smaller with eight shades for $9.99, which is an incredible deal, especially considering that with your favorite YouTuber's affiliate code, you can get an even bigger discount.

If you weren't sure what the pigmentation is like on the new Elena Gant x Morphe Little Palettes, never fear because everyone's favorite beauty influencers are taking to their Snapchats to swatch the perfectly-sized, affordably priced new palettes.

On Wednesday, when the palettes launched, both Jaclyn Hill and NikkieTutorials went onto their Snapchats to showcase all of the palettes and just how gorgeously pigmented and creamy they truly are.

The smaller palettes are clearly perfect for travel, but they're also diverse and gorgeous as the swatches show.

Hill used her Snapchat to showcase her favorite of the five different palettes called Copper Popper. The bronze hues are super pigmented and perfect for fall.

As for NikkieTutorials, she chose a shade from each of the five palettes, and that stunning blue has seriously caught my eye.

The gorgeous Morphe x Elena Gant Little Palettes are sure to sell out quickly. At a a low price but with seriously amazing quality, who wouldn't want to snag these beauties?

Images: Jaclyn Hill/Snapchat(2); NikkieTutorials/Snapchat(1)