What Happened To Emily On 'AHS: Roanoke'? Lee's Other Daughter Introduces A New Mystery

American Horror Story's sixth season has introduced some horrifying scenarios over the past few weeks, but Wednesday night's episode placed most of its focus on every parent's worst nightmare: what to do if your child goes missing. Yes, Flora has disappeared at the hands of a Roanoke colonial ghost, Priscilla, which left Lee understandably devastated throughout the majority of the hour. However, it turns out that this isn't the first time a child has vanished while under this former police officer's watch. Lee had another daughter, Emily, on AHS: Roanoke who was taken from her many years ago. So what happened to Emily, exactly? Unfortunately, this new mystery doesn't appear to have a happy ending.

The topic came up when the show's medium-for-hire Cricket was communing with the spirits that have dwelled inside the farmhouse when suddenly he turned to Lee and said that her 4-year-old daughter Emily said hello and wondered why she’d stopped looking for her all those years ago. It was a shocking revelation and helped convince Lee that this guy was legit, forcing her to explain what happened. Apparently, she had only left Emily in the car for a minute to go grab some groceries, but when she came back Emily was nowhere to be found. Someone had taken her.

Naturally, this feels like more than just a coincidence that Lee would lose not one, but two of her children due to abduction. Is it possible that the two disappearances are somehow linked? The fact that Cricket was passing along this message to Lee suggests that Emily's disappearance eventually led to her death, but how? Was it at the hands of her kidnapper or did the child leave the car on her own and find herself lost and in trouble? The mere thought of what could've happened is just as terrifying as any pig display or human teeth falling from the sky, in my opinion.

But if Emily is reaching out to Lee, is it possible she'll eventually make an appearance as the season progresses? We have no idea what Emily or Flora's ghostly abductor, Priscilla, look like... is it possible they could be one in the same? I know it sounds like a crazy theory, but in the world of American Horror Story, nothing is off limits. Emily's disappearance could be connected to Roanoke, and maybe by the time this season is over, Lee will have been reunited with both of her children in one way or another.

Images: FX; ahsgifs/Tumblr