When Is The Kylie Spice Lip Kit Coming Out? Mark Your Calendars, Fans — PHOTOS

Kylie Cosmetics is not slowing down any time soon. Whether she's teasing her new Kyshadow palette, talking about her upcoming launches, or swatching new colors, she's giving fans what they want. Now, Kylie's Spice lip kit has debuted, and it's giving fans serious autumn vibes. Considering that fall is here, fans are about to be stoked when they know when spice lip kit is coming out. Spice's deep berry shade is practically the love child of Kourt K and Love Bite. If wine-tined, plum, and berry lippies are your jam, then Jenner just created your ideal autumn shade.

On Thursday, Jenner took to her Snapchat, to showcase a Kylie Cosmetics shoot, and while there, the mogul apparently got inspired to not only share Spice but to also reveal that the Spice lip kit will be on sale Oct. 12. In just over two weeks, you'll be able to get your hands on a berry shade that's Kylie Cosmetics perfection.

Plus, as Jenner was at a Kylie Cosmetics shoot, fans know that more is coming from the star. While there, she also teased a black and white image of her next Kyshadow palette as well as a black and white image of three other fall lip kits. In addition to all of this, Kylie Cosmetics' Smile lip kit hit the brand's Instagram page. It's clearly been a busy day. Personally, though, my attention was only on Spice.

While the filter may make things a bit softer, this shade is gorgeously bold.

As usual, the liner is clearly perfection.

Put together, it's a dream come true, and on Oct. 12, it can be all yours. Mark your calendars, fan, because this beauty is sure to sell out

Images: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat (3)