'The Girl On The Train's Trailer Song Is Sooo Good

by S. Atkinson

Are you a sucker for sweeping, emotionally-soaked cinema soundtracks? Are you living on planet earth in the year 2016? Do you occasionally check out upcoming film trailers? If you've answered yes to two of the three above queries, then you're probably wondering where you can listen to The Girl On The Train trailer song. This is a trickier question than it first might seem, mainly because the song the trailer is set to isn't one, but two songs (one of which has been slowed down).

The instrumentals you hear aren't anything to do with Kanye West (who provides the vocals). They're the work of Toronto-based band Blitz//Berlin and come courtesy of their song "Surfboard Fire," a track which seems to have been written specially for the film. Cleverly laid over these instrumentals is Kanye West's "Heartless." But there's one key difference here: his vocals have been heavily slowed down, which is why they're both so deep in register and atmospheric.

The sad news? You can't buy the song from the trailer (yet). But you can buy both songs on iTunes (click the following link for "Surfboard Fire" and here for Kanye's "Heartless"), and if you're a vaguely competent DJ, mix them together... alternatively, you can listen to them here.

First up is Blitz//Berlin for those all-important creepy instrumentals:

Then you'll want to fill your plate with the musical main course, the robotic vocal stylings of Kanye West in "Heartless":

But if you're really hungry to just have that song playing in the background while you do your thing, you could do worse than checking out the video below, which has most (but not all) of the voices from the original trailer cut out, so you're left with what is mostly just the song:

So sure, it's not the perfect solution, but it's a decent quick-fix for some catchy creepiness in your life until the official soundtrack drops.

Images: Universal Pictures; Blitz Berlin; Blueprint Motion Films/Youtube (2)